Our Story


When we were growing up, herbs were like tomatoes. We grew them. We put them up for the winter. We used them daily, and gave concoctions away to people in need of them. My mother was always teaching us. If we were weeding the garden, she would talk about which weeds were herbs and what those herbs could do. She instilled in us a passion to learn and create. 


By the time I (Shoshanna) was 13, my family started the Bulk Herb Store. At 18, Bulk Herb Store was mine. I had a passion to help people. I worked hard to get the highest quality herbs at the best prices. I loved learning, and also loved sharing what I learned to inspire others to dive into the world of herbs.


Quite a few years have passed since then, and my wonderful husband, James, and I now run the Bulk Herb Store together. Our son, Jeremiah James, helps pull your orders, seal bags, and so much more. He might only be ten, but he is already growing into a wonderful man! Penelope Jane is 5, and always loves being in the middle of everything. She loves trying to boss our 14 employees arounds as she wins their hearts with her sweetness. They love going outside, gathering herbs in the wild, and making their own remedies. I love my little herbalists!


At the Bulk Herb Store, we provide our homemade concoctions, our experiences, and the tested wisdom of others. We want to do more than sell quality herbs. We want to teach you what we know, and inspire you to learn and research beyond that. Tell us about what you have learned here- Happy herbaling!



Drink To Health!

Shoshanna Easling