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10 Fall Time Spices to Warm up Your Days
By Serafina - November 25, 2013

10 Fall Time Spices to Warm up Your Days

  BHS-fall-spices-photo Whether you use them in hot cider, soups, teas, cookies, potpourris, or just set in a dish for a centerpiece, the sight and smell of these Fall Time spices are sure to warm up your days!
  1. ginger
  2. cinnamon
  3. cloves
  4. nutmeg
  5. allspice
  6. fennel
  7. licorice root
  8. dried orange peel
  9. turmeric
  10. elderberry
On a cold Fall day, try these recipes to warm things up! (Many of these recipes are gluten, dairy, or casein free!) Hot Drinks: Pumpkin recipes: Apples, maple, squash, or spice: These herbal tea blends (from here at Bulk Herb Store) are some of my favorites! Or, learn how to Host an Autumn Tea Party to use your other favorite teas! Not in the mood  to cook, but still want something to warm you up? Try this: Just want to read about how to use these herbs; turmericelderberry, ginger, licorice root ...?  Take a look at these interesting and helpful articles:
 Which spices do you love to use in Autumn?


  1. Jacqueline @ Deeprootsathome.com
    You put a lot of research and time into this helpful post, Serafina. I continually learn. Thank You!
  2. Serafina
    Thank you Jacqueline! Yes, I enjoy sharing great finds, as well as digging for more!