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4 Herbal Remedies For Nutrition During Pregnancy
By Nicole - May 12, 2014

4 Herbal Remedies For Nutrition During Pregnancy

It’s always important to make sure we’re getting the best nutrition in our diets as possible, but it’s never more important than when we’re pregnant.  Sometimes this can be a challenge though.  Food aversions, food cravings, nausea, and fatigue can impact our diets tremendously when we’re expecting.  Below I’ve listed 4 herbal remedies to help boost nutrition during pregnancy.  While not all of the herbs I’ve listed are considered "nutritive herbs"  all of them will add to your nutrient content.

4 Herbal Remedies For Nutrition During Pregnancy

1.  Vitamin Infusion

Infusions are a great way to boost nutrition during pregnancy.  An infusion is a simple, gentle remedy that is effective at boosting vitamin and mineral content in the diet.  Infusions can be made with single herbs or a combination of herbs to suit your needs and taste.  Below, I’ve listed some nutritive herbs that are high in vitamin content that can be used individually or in any combination.  I like to use about ½ c. or less total per quart jar.  Put herbs in jar and pour boiling water over the herbs, place lid (not the ring) over the jar and let steep anywhere from 4-10 hours.  I usually drink 1-2 cups a day.
  • Nettle
  • Alfalfa
  • Rose hips
  • Oat straw
  • Dandelion (The recommended dosage is 1 T. per 8 oz. of water for dandelion, so measure accordingly.)
  • Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL tones the uterus.  Therefore, use with caution during the last few weeks of pregnancy.  It is not recommended  for pregnancy for women who are prone to miscarriages.)

2.  Iron-Boosting Infusion

Just like the Vitamin Infusion, if you’re looking to specifically boost your iron content, then iron-packed herbs in an infusion are a great option.  The herbs I've listed below all contain higher amounts of iron as well as several other vitamins and minerals.  You can use them in a combination or use them separately, whatever you would like.
  • Nettle
  • Alfalfa
  • Dandelion (The recommended dosage is 1 T. per 8 oz. of water for dandelion, so measure accordingly.)

3.  Relaxing Tea

Are you having issues with stress or anxiety while pregnant?  What about trouble sleeping? If so, then this remedy is for you.  A simple tea made of a single herb or a combination of herbs is a great option for those stress-filled or sleepless times.  Simply use 1 tsp. of herbs per 8 oz. of water and let steep for 5-10 minutes for a relaxing tea to help relieve stress and tension and to promote sleep. The 3 herbs I've listed below are helpful for insomnia, stress and anxiety, and stomach issues.

4. Immunity Syrup

I included an immunity syrup because I feel it’s important to list a gentle, natural remedy for helping to boost the immune system.  Sometimes we just need that extra boost, especially if we’ve been exposed to an illness.  However, I know there are many people who like to take a daily dose of this syrup to add to their nutrient content as well.  I use it as a preventative during cold/flu season and when I know we've been exposed to an illness & I up the dose and use it as a remedy when we're sick.  I like to use a simple recipe, like the first recipe listed on this page.  The main herb used in this syrup is Elderberry.  Elderberries are useful for fighting the flu and respiratory illnesses.  They're also detoxifying and a great addition to any home medicine kit.  We have them on hand all the time at our house.

In Conclusion...

Remember, it's critical that we get the nutrients that our body needs during pregnancy. Since there are several side effects of pregnancy that can prevent that from happening, herbal remedies to boost nutrition are a great option to consider.  There are several different herbs to choose from that are safe during pregnancy and there are different ways that you can consume them.  Just choose your herbs and your remedy and get started!


  1. Shannon
    I recently made a tea out of alfalfa, nettle, and dandelion. I couldn't even get it all down! It just tasted SO NASTY to me. Any suggestions to make it more tolerable? I hate it when stuff that is so good for you is so hard to get down.
    Thank you.
    1. Meagan
      Maybe add in some stevia leaves or a mint like peppermint/spearmint? Any of those would probably help. Also, try making several different tea mixes using the herbs you've chosen in different amounts, taste them, and see which you like best before making a large batch.