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5 Must-Have Natural Remedies for Postpartum Care
By Marillyn Beard - May 28, 2014
I am truly amazed at the body's ability to birth a tiny little baby. We mamas are amazing in the sense that we are able to push ourselves beyond the limits of how far we can go. Labor is hard work and physically exhausting, but so rewarding in the end! After all the hard work of giving birth, our bodies has an amazing ability to heal itself postpartum. After having 4 babies in the past 7 years, I have learned that preparing for the postpartum recovery is just as important, if not more, as preparing for the baby's arrival. Postpartum healing can be painful and challenging for any mama who is recovering from 9 months of being pregnant, birthing a baby, trying to build a nursing relationship with the newborn and dealing with hormonal changes that make you want to cry one minute and laugh the next. That is a lot to deal with all at once! Unfortunately, we live in a fast paced culture where we feel that we should hit the ground running as fast as possible, even after a huge life changing event like birthing a baby. It is vital to give yourself plenty of recovery time before trying to jump back into a somewhat normal routine with a newborn. Historically, women were encouraged to take a 4 to 8 weeks rest period where they were cared for by older women to properly recover from pregnancy and birth. After the birth, the mama's two main focus was to bond with the baby and allow her body to fully heal. Many times mamas were not expected to get out of bed during that time period! Meals prepared for the recovering mamas were extremely nourishing (think homemade chicken broth and liver!) to increase lactation and speed healing. Even today, many Asian and European cultures still practice caring for the mama this way! Sadly, the North American culture is seriously lacking in this area. What would life be like if we encouraged our American mamas to do the same by spending more time resting, healing and bonding with their babies? We would most likely see less frazzled mamas, lactation more established and a drop in postpartum depression. Many mamas, myself included, need the permission to take much needed time to rest and heal after the birth of a new baby. Even if we are not able to take the full rest period that cultures of old encourages... we can still move towards getting back to the way things should be. To help the process, these natural remedies can be combined in advance for great relief, quick healing and restoring the body after birth. These remedies would make a wonderful gift basket to encourage the expectant mother to take care of herself after birth!

5 Must-Have Natural Remedies for Postpartum Care

Arnica Homeopathy

I was first introduced to homeopathy after the birth of my first baby. My midwife gave me a bottle of Arnica Montana to help with muscle pains and aches from the birth. Since then, I’ve used Arnica with all my pregnancies and ALWAYS always have a bottle or two around for my family. I also have a bottle of arnica oil that is wonderful to rub on sore muscles and a bottle of arnica tincture to mix with water for a more potent effect. This is one homeopathy we use quite often with our 4 energenic kids and lots of animals running around! In addition to relieving sore muscles and bruised parts, Arnica will speedily heal an episiotomy or tear if they happen. Learn more about using homeopathy during pregnancy and labor. For those who are healing from a Cesarean birth.

Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath

Herbal sitz baths are extremely soothing, relaxing, healing and a great way to pamper the new mama after going through the tiring workout of laboring and birthing a sweet little baby. Sitting in warm, herbal infused water helps aid in shrinking hemorrhoids, prevent infection, relieves pain, reduces swelling, heals tears and increases blood flow to the areas starting at your belly button and down to where the baby made an appearance. Get the recipe and prepare to pamper yourself!

Soothing Postpartum Pads

These pads did wonders for me after my 3rd and 4th births. It felt so soothing… and cold, but in a good way! They helped a lot with the soreness and swelling associated with having a vaginal birth. Each ingredient has specific purposes for promoting healing of the vaginal area along with bring relief. Learn what each ingredient does to bring comfort in the midst of the postpartum period and how you can easily make your own postpartum pads!

Mama's Rich Milk Tea

This special tea mixture is amazing! It is full of vitamins, minerals and compounds needed to increase your milk supply and the nutritional value of your milk. My midwife had me drink 1/2 gallon of this tea the first day after my baby was born. I was simply amazed at the results! Get a good start on your nursing relationship with your baby!

DIY Natural Nipple Cream

Let's be honest, breastfeeding can be painful! Every mama needs nipple cream and I am not talking about that lanolin stuff. You can start using the nipple cream throughout the latter part of your pregnancy and the beginning weeks of nursing. Doing that will create healthy, flexible tissues that will be more resistant to cracks, tears and chapping. Get the recipe to make your own natural nipple cream!
Do you have a natural remedy that you believe is a "must-have" for postpartum care?