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All About Colloidal Silver
By Jill York - August 07, 2013

Colloidal Silver is a natural remedy that I've used for years.  I use it to shorten the duration of sicknesses, as well as building up the immune system to prevent sickness.

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a solution that contains different concentrations of ionic silver.  It is made by suspending very tiny particles of silver in pure water.

The history of colloidal silver

In the 1800's and early 1900's, farmers used silver products to keep milk fresh without refrigeration.  Colloidal Silver was used as an effective antibiotic by most doctors before 1940.  As medicine expanded and new medication was developed, colloidal silver was soon forgotten for the most part in the mainstream medical field. Why silver and not antibiotics? I do believe that antibiotics may be necessary at times for serious situations, but they are, in my opinion, very over-prescribed.  While antibiotics do effectively kill the growth and reproduction of bacteria, they also kill our body's good bacteria and compromise our gut health. Many present day bacteria are able to breed new and more powerful strains that can become resistant to antibiotics over time.  Bacteria and viruses are not resistant to colloidal silver, making silver an effective treatment for any sickness. What about the risk of Argyria? Argyria is a result of extreme misuse of silver.  This is a condition that causes graying or bluing of the skin if there is a severe build up of silver in the body.  If silver products have been consumed in larger quantities than the body is able to dispose of, argyria can occur.  This condition is very rare even among those that may misuse silver by consuming very large quantities over a long period of time.  Silver products alone do not have known negative side effects if used in reasonable amounts.  A person would have to consume over 50 times the normal dose every day for a year to reach a possible chance of argyria, or 380 8 oz. bottles a year Just as we know it would not be safe to consume large amounts of any medication at once, we need to use common sense with natural products as well.  Taking a normal spoonful for sickness, or even every day, will not result in turning the skin blue. Usage for Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver effectively fights:
  • Colds
  • Sinus infections
  • Strep
  • Viruses
  • Bacterial infections
  • Ear Infections - place one drop in each ear 3 times a day for a total of 10 days.  Lay on each side for 5 minutes after placing drops in.
  • Respiratory
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Eye infections - place one drop in each eye 3 times a day for a week or so.
  • Food poisoning
  • Yeast infections
Suggested Doses Colloidal silver has been tested to be safe to take every day.  I personally prefer not to do this because if the body already has silver in its system, it will not be as effective in fighting a sickness if one arises.  If you've been taking silver for a prolonged period of time, you can take a two week break, and it will once again be just as effective at fighting the next sickness.  The dose I personally follow when a sickness strikes is a spoonful of silver 3-5 times a day for 10 days.  Just like conventional medicine, not taking a natural antibiotic for long enough can result in the sickness lingering and flaring up again. As a preventative, we take a spoonful of silver once a day if an illness is passing through our area.  When traveling, we take a spoonful a day for a week before we leave to help build our immune systems for the trip.  We also take a spoon a day during the trip to help protect against possible food poisoning, contaminated water and other things that can come with travel.  Before using colloidal silver on vacations, one of my children was sure to get sick in some way.  Now that we all take silver, we stay healthy for our vacations.  Colloidal silver is one thing I do not travel without!

Do you use colloidal silver?  How does it benefit your family?

Sources: Silver Gen American Biotech Labs  Jill is a child of God, a wife, and a homeschool mom of 4.  As a certified family herbalist, her passions include   reading and researching health and home remedies, and sharing with others the knowledge she gains.  You can   find her blogging at Jill's Home Remedies and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. Alissa
    Why is some collodial silver brown and others clear? What is the difference? Which one is best?
    1. Silver Living
      Alissa, that is a great question. There is a difference, larger nanoparticles of silver will refract light at a different wavelength than smaller nanoparticles. Depending on the size of the particles and the amount of particles (usually measured in parts per million or ppm but can also be measured in mg, etc) the color will vary from a very light yellow almost clear color to a red cherry color. If the "colloidal silver is colorless but claims to have large ppm then it is not colloidal but a molecular solution (meaning it has nanoparticles that are smaller than colloidal particles). The problem with such products is that they can create silver toxicity in those who take them, usually in the long term. Which one is best? the colloidal in size at the smaller limit of the colloidal spectrum which is 5 nanometers or nm. Smaller than that and what you are getting are molecular silver and not colloidal particles anymore. Larger than 100 nm and you can develop argyria which will turn your skin and other soft tissue blue or gray. Anyway, go to Silver Living's website to learn more because it is an extensive topic.
  2. Lisha
    It is really neat to see a good substitute for antibiotics! Have you personally used it for the ear/eye infections? I wondered if it is uncomfortable to have put in your eye?Definitely going to buy some Silver for our family - thanks for the article!
  3. Alissa
    We have used it for pink eye and cleared it up immediately. We will use a drop if the kids get dirt in their eye etc. They never have had a problem with us applying it in their eyes.
  4. Jill's Home Remedies
    Lisha,I have used it many times for eye and ear infections, and had it work very effectively! It is not any more uncomfortable to drop it in the eye as it would be anything else. Thanks for the questions!
  5. Jill's Home Remedies
    Alissa,I'm not sure about this. The kind I buy is clear.
  6. Alissa
    We usually get clear as well and I ordered a bottle the other day and it was brown. My inlaws also use the brown tinted silver as well. I don't understand what the difference is...thanks anyway.
  7. Faith Lohr
    Thanks so much for sharing. I heard of taking silver before but didn't know much about it. I will have to try this for sure! Last winter my kids were sick left and right. We couldn't catch a break. :-) I hate giving them antibiotics but it seemed like once a month they were sick with another infection.
  8. Virginia
    Hi! I'm nursing and have a really terrible sore throat, is this safe to take while nursing?Thanks,Virginia
  9. Jill's Home Remedies
    I took it when I was pregnant and nursing. I also give it to my infants. There are no known negative side effects when using it in normal doses.
    1. Sarah
      I am a nursing mother and I have a toothache for a broken tooth. I have taken before I was pregnant or nursing. Love it. But I am skeptical now that nursing if safe for my 8 month old. Love to hear your experience while pregnant or nursing please
  10. Christie
    Would you just take it internally for a yeast infection? My 7 month old and I have a mild case of thrush. We have been on probiotics for a while now but can not seem to knock it out completely.
  11. Lisa Jones
    Hi, Do you know if it might help with group b strep. I am six months pregnant and with my last baby I had group b strep. However, My families diet has changed drastically in the last 6 months. No dyes, no sugar, raw food, no processed. So it will be interesting to see If I test positive.
  12. Jill's Home Remedies
    Christie,I have had personal success using gentian violet for thrush. It's messy, but it worked with one application!You can read about my experience here:http://jillshomeremedies.blogspot.com/2011/06/home-remedy-for-thrush.html
  13. Jill's Home Remedies
    Lisa Jones,I have never had personal experience with Group B Strep. I do think that silver would help, but here is a personal experience from a blogging friend:http://www.nurseryofthenation.com/2012/03/group-b-strep-can-it-be-prevented.html
  14. Jill's Home Remedies
    Lisa,Here's another experience with Group B Strep from a fellow blogger:http://just-making-noise.blogspot.com/2012/10/pregnancy-notes-treating-group-b-strep.html
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  17. Christine
    Hi Jill! I am a sister in Christ and was wondering if you could offer some advice regarding taking colloidal silver. I was diagnosed with that doctors believe to be labyrinthitis (inflammation of inner ear due to virus) and have been suffering from chronic dizziness for almost 6 months now. They admit they don't know for sure what is wrong with my ear, but that's their best guess based on my symptoms. Anyway, I trust in the Lord to heal me, but was wondering if I should try some silver in my ear, or even take in internally? I recently started using Sovereign Silver nasal spray but not long enough to see any results yet, but I'm willing to try other ways of using silver if you think it might help? As I mentioned, I trust the Lord to heal me and I believe He sometimes uses medicine (He used figs to heal King Hezekiah!), but I don't want to take matters into my own hands so to speak if this is not His will. I guess it couldn't hurt to try Any thoughts? Thank you and God bless! :)
    1. Jill York
      Christine, I totally agree! God created many plants to help us with health situations, but He is the ultimate healer! I have found colloidal silver to be very effective against viruses, and have used it several times for ear problems. I would personally put one drop in each ear {while laying down and holding it in for 5 minutes each side} 3 times a day, and take it internally about 3 times a day for 7-10 days. I always treat both ears because the problem can pass back and forth from side to side. Here are more natural remedies for this condition: http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/blog/home-remedy-for-inner-ear-infection.html
      Thanks for the question!