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Be Inspired
By Shoshanna Easling - March 19, 2012
Be_Inspired_PicHow are you guys? I am so much stronger. I am feeling great, sleeping better and looking awesome! What a month! I hit the bed at night and it feels so nice under my well exercised body. It is great to be healthy and strong! My husband and two kiddos are on the diet with me. I love knowing what I do makes a difference with their health. Not only is this workout month wonderful for me, but it is inspiring my family. It is teaching my children the need for health and fitness. Get motivated to be your family’s inspiration. Lead a happy, healthy, beautiful, and fun life. They will follow. Bumping it up a notch. I am adding this to my workout month. 1. Seventy sit ups, two times a day. 2. Twenty push ups, three times a day. 3. Eating lots of fresh pineapple. 4. Drinking 8 cups of filtered water everyday with a small bit of lemon, lime, or Celtic Sea Salt. 5. Not eating anything at least two hours before bed. If I get hungry I will take 1 or 2 tablespoons of fiber in water. 6. Taking 1 cayenne and 1 eleuthero capsule with food, three times a day. After three days of taking this, then I am going to take 1 cayenne capsule, twice a day with food. 7. Taking one dropper full of the liver cleanse tincture twice a day with food for the next 3 weeks. Let’s do this together. Lets work out! Lets get healthy, strong and fit. I know it is a lot of work and time. But it is worth every minute of it! Let's cheer each other on and do it together!   Return to all articles