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Behind The Scenes At BHS: Fun With Herb Labels
By Lauren Brandt - January 30, 2015

Behind The Scenes At BHS: Fun With Herb Labels

We have a lot of fun at the Bulk Herb Store! In fact, if you have ever called in an order, you’ve probably heard the rest of the office laughing in the background. Not a week goes by that one of us doesn’t get the “Sounds like a party in there...” comment from you guys. We’ve joked about having our own TV show, so you guys could see what a “normal” day in the office looks like. Never a dull moment around here! There is just too much happening to keep it all to ourselves. That’s why we are giving you a “Behind The Scenes” look at what’s up with the fun games at the Bulk Herb Store!

Fun Games With Herb Labels

Last week in the office, I heard uncontrolled laughter (louder than usual) coming from the warehouse and the ladies back in shipping. Shoshanna’s little girl, Penelope Jane, came pitter-pattering into the office with a big grin on her 4-year-old face. But that wasn’t all that was on her... A closer look at the custom label stuck to her read, “Penelope... Organically Grown.” My suppressed giggles brought the rest of the office from their desks to see what Penelope was up to. Her 9 year old big brother, Jeremiah James, had been helping the girls print labels and had a couple ideas of his own for a label. Our little in-store comedian wasn’t done until he made the perfect label for his mom, Shoshanna. Hers read: “Shoshanna- Wild Crafted”, which fits her to the “tea”. Through it all, we got some good laughs and taught Penelope and Jeremiah how our “Wild Crafted” herbs are harvested and collected directly from their natural habitat, opposed to being grown on a farm or in a green house. Well, Penelope and I are off to make some more Peppermint Tea... Keep learning, laughing and living well with herbs, and we’ll see you next time for more behind the scenes at the Bulk Herb Store.

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  1. bjsbarbeeBarbara Siron
    Really cute! Thanks for sharing. I can hardly believe the ages of James and Shoshanna's children! And dearly love the inserts with orders of the family pictures through the years. Being a grand and great-grandmother I am drawn to them. Precious indeed!