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DIY Air Freshener {Plus 15 More Options to Freshen & Deodorize Your Home}
By Kristen Smith - April 23, 2014

DIY Air Freshener {Plus 15 More Options to Freshen & Deodorize Your Home}

DIY Air Freshener {Plus 15 Other Options to Freshen and Deodorize Your Home} @ BulkHerbStore.com/Blog If you pick up a bottle of cleaner, dishwashing soap, or room spray, you'll probably see the term fragrance listed with the ingredients. It sounds innocent enough, and we all like our home to smell nicely, right? But how many of us actually know what those fragrances are? Probably no one does. According to the Environmental Working Group, there are 3,163 chemicals that can be simply labeled as fragrance on a cleaning, cosmetic, or other home product. That's an awful lot of anonymous chemicals! What's worse, many of them are extremely toxic to the human body.

DIY Air Freshener with Lemon, Lavender, & Rose

Since we stopped using any air fresheners and try to buy cleaning products that are unscented, I've found that fragrances in cleaning products, candles, and air fresheners actually give me a headache! Air fresheners are probably the biggest offender for me. While a small whiff from some sort of plug-in freshener may seem nice at first, soon after inhaling the heavy scent for so long, my head starts to feel it. I can't help but wonder what chemicals are causing the headache and what kinds of long-term effects could come from breathing them in over a lifetime. Thankfully, reducing the chemical fragrances in our home doesn't mean that we can't enjoy pleasant scents! There are lots of natural ways to freshen our homes, including this homemade simmer of lavender, lemon, and rose. I think it's just right for spring! Ingredients Instructions
  1. Place the flowers and lemon peel into a medium bowl and mix the ingredients.
  2. Smell the mixture and see if it suits your preference. You can certainly add more lemon peel if you want something more citrus-like or up the amount of lavender if you want it more relaxing.
  3. Place 1/4 cup herb mixture in a small pan or small slow cooker with 4 cups of water and bring to a gentle simmer over low heat. Reduce the heat so that the pan is just steaming.
  4. Watch the pan or slow cooker and add water as needed.
  5. Compost the spent peel and flowers when they stop giving off their scent.

15 More Options to Freshen & Deodorize Your Home

There are many other ways to add some freshness to your living spaces. If you're looking for options to freshen or deodorize your home, give some of these a try!
  1. Baking Soda & Peroxide in the Bathroom: I love having a fresh bathroom! Part of my natural bathroom cleaning routine involves using baking soda and peroxide to clean the toilet. It's very deodorizing!
  2. Diffusing Essential Oils: There are lots of ways to diffuse essential oils in your home, like using an actual diffusing machine (affiliate link). Since I don't have one, I sometimes heat a pan of water on the stove-top just until it steams and add three drops of an essential oil, like lavender or orange.
  3. House Plants: I love houseplants! They are wonderful air filters that naturally clean and freshen the air.
  4. Lemon Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner: This easy-peasy cleaning spray leaves a nice fresh scent and can be used all over the house! Plus, it's a great way to get more use out of your lemons.
  5. Open Windows: As soon as the weather starts to warm in the spring, I like to open the windows, even if just a crack, and let in the fresh air. The air in our home feels so much better for the rest of the day!
  6. Homemade Reed Diffuser Set: Reed diffusers are a great way to add style and a mild scent to the home. Did you know that it's also really easy to make them yourself?
  7. Homemade Carpet Deodorizing Powder: Homemade carpet powder is an easy and safe alternative to the scented varieties you can buy in the store. Change the scent by substituting the essential oils, or leave them out all together if you just want to deodorize.
  8. All-Natural Car Freshener: The car is clearly not exactly living space, but it can feel like that sometimes! These DIY car fresheners are a smart alternative to the heavily-scented tree shapes in stores.
  9. Fresh Flowers: I've been amazed at how much a bouquet of fresh flowers can scent a room! My favorites are those cut from our backyard, but I certainly won't decline flowers from the store, either.
  10. Homemade Deodorizing Spray: This post has a great DIY "Febreeze"-type spray recipe that uses water, baking soda, and essential oils. I definitely want to try it!
  11. Autumn Potpourri: My recipe above is a more spring time scent. Come autumn you might like to have something like this potpourri around.
  12. Easy Air Freshener Spray: Easy is definitely the key word here with this spray! Vinegar, essential oils, and water, then voila! You're done and ready to spray away.
  13. Country Spice Potpourri: Here's another recipe for a potpourri that you can enjoy in a bowl or simmering in water like my above recipe. This one uses apples and spices!
  14. Lemon Rinds in the Kitchen: After you juice a lemon, did you know that you can wipe down kitchen surfaces with it to disinfect and deodorize? I like to do that with my cutting boards, let them sit for 15 minutes or so, then rinse them off.
  15. Spices in a Skillet: Gently warm spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, or cloves in a skillet over very low heat and let them warm for a few minutes. Turn the heat off and enjoy the scent for a while!
There are definitely more ways to freshen and deodorize your home. Do you have a favorite? Let us hear it!