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DIY Beautiful Hair Treatment Tutorial
By Serafina - July 24, 2013

Did you know that Bulk Herb Store has Beautiful Hair herbs?

Today we have a tutorial, to help you do the herbal treatment yourself!

First thing you need to do is order your herbs. Keep in mind:  who this treatment is for? what color do they want to highlight?

Choose from these colors... -Dark  - Then, plan your hair party! It could just be a couple friends, or go all out with a slumber party or spa day! Next, when it's time to use the treatment, this is what you'll need to have -there's not much to it! Ingredients: * 3/4 cup lemon juice (lighter highlights) or apple cider vinegar (red/darker highlights) * 1/2 cup Beautiful Hair herbal blend * 2 eggs, beaten Optional:  * 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or mayonnaise (don't if you have oily hair) * nice smelling herbs, like lavender or rosemary. Powdered. (Or, like I used, essential oil.) Equipment: *small pot/sauce pan *a fork or wisk *spatula *1-2 plastic bags *towel (later on, wet with warm water) Now you're ready to get started! Start with the lemon juice or vinegar. Wisk in Beautiful Hair herbs. Heat for 5 minutes. You don't want it to boil, so stirring constantly helps. Remove from heat and wait 5 more minutes.  (You don't want scrambled eggs in your hair!) If the mixture is hot enough that you're worried about the eggs cooking up, temper it with a spoonful or two of the hot mixture. (Take a spoonful of hot herbs and mix into the eggs before added to the pot.) Either way, make sure you beat them well before putting them in. Now's the time to put in any of the optional ingredients you've chosen: pleasantly smelling herbs, oil/mayonnaise. Mix it all up real' good.  Finally, it's time to glop that green goop on! (Out doors is best!) Old cloths, bathing suit, or towel round the shoulders would be a good idea. :)  (I used gloves because of the henna.) Coat the entire head of hair, from the roots down, or the ends up!  Work it in well. If it's already dripping, squeeze out the excess. Now wrap all the hair up in a plastic bag or shower cap.  Tuck in all the little fly-a-ways at the nape of the neck. Try to get it nice and tight at the bottom and near the ears, as all the juicy stuff tends to run down after awhile.  Then wet your towel with nice warm water and wrap it up.  (We added a second bag, so the water wouldn't run. You can avoid this by just dampening instead of soaking the towel.) Wait 45 minutes or longer.  You can change out the towel or rewarm it, as needed. You want the treatment to have time to penetrate any damaged hair, so let that gooey goodness work!  (Yes, it'll be worth it!) And now, the end: remove the wraps, rinse it all out with cool/warm water. Do not shampoo till tomorrow.  (If you're brave enough to be seen outside with this stuff on your head, you can take advantage of the nice warm weather, and use the hose!)  Air dry; and compare. Before & After ... now there's Beautiful Hair! Serafina Holeman is a missionary to Deaf children in Mexico. She loves herbs as much as books, and blogs every-now-and-then at A Gypsy Herbal.

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  1. Melanie Ellis
    This looks great and not hard to do!