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Easy DIY Herbal Gifts Your Family and Friends Will Love!
By Marillyn Beard - December 02, 2017

Easy DIY Herbal Gifts Your Family and Friends Will Love!

Today is the first week of December. My favorite month of the year! It's also a good day to remind you all that you only have a few weeks to get together your gifts. I want to help you out by giving you some ideas for DIY herbal gifts using fresh and/or dried herbs!

Easy DIY Herbal Gifts Your Family and Friends Will Love

I've been browsing through Pinterest (who doesn't LOVE that site?! And don't forget to check ours out!) and listed below are my favorites. There are SO many ideas for DIY herbal gifts out there, but I didn't want to overwhelm you all. My goal was to gather as many unique, tasty, beautiful, thoughtful and simple ideas that I could find. After all, most everyone wants their gifts to be unique (and easy!) enough to stand apart... especially if you are making it yourself!

Below you will see that I've separated the list into 3 categories for herbal gifts: Home, Food and Body. I figure those are the top 3 ways people like to give during the holidays. My favorite is the food part, what's yours? Enjoy!


  1. Pressed Herb Candles - a beautiful (and easy!) way to dress up homemade candles. Perfect to gift to those who truly appreciate the beauty of herbs!
  2. Herbal Sachets - these practical sachets are not only pretty and wonderfully tactile, but they also make clothes and drawers smell great! Who wouldn't love to put on their clothes that are sweetly perfumed with herbs?
  3. Potpourri Herbal Jars - this quick and easy project not only smell great and look beautiful set up anywhere, but they would make fantastic host/hostess gifts for all those Christmas parties!
  4. Natural Room Scent Jars - another great host/hostess, but I think these would be a fantastic way to decorate your home for a party. Afterwards, you can gift a jar to each of your guests to take home!
  5. Homemade Lavender Rosemary Candles
  6. Fresh Herb Wreath - Know someone who needs their door decorated? This is a little more work, but worthwhile for someone special!


  1. Herb Extracts - Of course, everyone loves to make homemade vanilla extract to give away, but why not use spearmint, peppermint or orange instead?
  2. Honey Chai Orange Marmalade - Oranges are in season... make some chai infused marmalade and make sure to keep some for yourself!
  3. Herbed Salts - Perfect for your foodie friends! These are so 'gourmet' looking, yet easy to make.
  4. Popcorn Seasonings - Perfect for the popcorn lover! Bag up some popcorn and tie it up with a cute bow to complete the gift.
  5. Herbal Infused Honey - Basil honey? Rosemary honey? Lavender honey? Oooh yes please!
  6. Herbal Garden Wines - Having a wine party for Christmas? Spice up some white wines with different herbs and treat your guests!
  7. Candied Orange Spice Peels - Wondering what to do with all the orange peels after making marmalade?
  8. Dried Strawberry Lemon Thyme Shortbreads
  9. Homemade Herbal Chocolates - Perfect for the chocolate lovers! Make several different flavors, cut them into small pieces and put one or two of each flavor in a cute box or bag.
  10. Herb Infused Simple Syrups - Great for hot or cold drinks. This is a gift that will go a long way!
  11. Lavender Chocolate Truffles - Make a large batch and bring it to your work party, but make sure to set some aside for your boss and special co-worker!
  12. Homemade Chai Concentrate
  13. Herbal Wines - A lovely gift to make for a host/hostess, especially if you've been invited to a wine party!
  14. Ornamental Herbal Tea - Do you have friends who love to drink tea? This is an ideal gift to make for them along with a cute mug!
  15. Homemade Spices - A fantastic gift for the cook! Be sure to find small jars that seal well to keep the spices fresh. Decorate them up with cute tags too!


  1. Herbal Soaps
  2. Herbal Bath Bombs - A fun-tastic gift for all your girlfriends!
  3. Honey Lavender Bath Melts - Know someone who loves taking baths? Give your special someone their own personal spa treatment in the comforts of their home!
  4. Heaven in a Bottle (aka Lavender infused oil)
  5. Herbal Bath Tea Bags - The holidays can be stressful, but these bath bags will sure help your loved ones to slow down and loosen up those tight muscles!
  6. Herb & Spice Homemade Glycerin Soaps - These soaps are simply gorgeous to look at!
  7. Simple, Smoothing, Moisturizing Hand & Foot Scrub
  8. Sweet Oranges & Rose Perfume - This lovely perfume will sure impress!
  9. Herbal Bath Teas
  10. Rice Heat Packs with Herbs - Life can be stressful and with the holidays just making it that much more so... these packs will come handy for many of your loved ones as well as yourself!

Are there DIY herbal gifts that you have done for past Christmases not listed here? Share them with us on social media!



  1. Cecelia
    I am going to be busy this season trying many of these ideas out. Thanks
    1. Marillyn Beard
      Wonderful!! Hope you have fun!! Merry Christmas :)