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Herbal First Aid: DIY Herbal Icy Hot
By Alexis Rowe - August 11, 2014

Herbal First Aid: DIY Herbal Icy Hot

The outdoors is my favorite place to be in the Summertime! Whether I am swimming, playing sports, or gardening, I love being outside! But oftentimes, all this fun is accompanied by achy muscles, or worse muscle strains and sprains. My husband is a very active volleyball player who plays with a lot of passion, so we have learned how to catch muscle strains or tears early on, and how to treat them effectively with one simple herb, Cayenne!

Why Cayenne?

Cayenne contains capsaicin, which naturally reduces a chemical pain transmitter in the body called Substance P. Cayenne is also excellent for increasing circulation, which reduces the inflammation associated with strained muscles, and speeds the healing process by supplying that area of the body with more oxygen through the blood.

DIY Icy Hot Recipe

What You Will Need:
  • 8 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp. Beeswax
  • 1 Tbsp. Shea Butter
  • 2 Tbsp. Cayenne
  • 25 drops of Deep Blue or Wintergreen Essential Oil
  • 2 - 4 0z. Tin Cans
  1. Place your coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter in a double boiler and warm slowly over medium-low heat until all ingredients have melted.
  2. In another bowl, combine the Cayenne and Essential Oils.
  3. Next, add all ingredients together slowly, mixing as you go. Pour into the tin cans and let cool uncovered.

How to Use:

This Herbal Icy Hot is not going to be the same consistency as a salve, it is more like an ointment because it contains less beeswax and is therefore softer. To apply, rub directly on the skin. For optimum results, accompany with a light massage on the sore or strained area to relax the muscles and break up any acid. Also, check out Bulk Herb Store's Muscle Salve Mix, as it is great for those deep tissue strains as well. Or, make your own herbal mix for a Deep Liniment Oil. In summary, stay hydrated to keep your cells happy, fat, and working hard to repair the damage. Apply your salves or oils to aid your body's natural healing processes, and you will be up and going again in no time!
What do you do to heal and comfort sore muscles naturally? Have you ever made an Herbal Icy Hot?


  1. jackie wistuk
    my husband is allergic to coconut oil, could i use almond oil instead?
    1. Alexis Rowe
      You most definitely could!
  2. Becky
    is there anything else that works, cuz when I eat anything with Cayenne my tongue swells ??
    1. Meagan
      The deep liniment oil and the muscle salve mix contain herbs that can help. Just take a look at those and leave the cayenne out if it's in there. Hope that helps!
  3. Cassie
    How long is the shelf life on this mixture?
    1. Meagan
      A salve, if kept in a cool environment and kept clean during use can last 1-2 years normally... sometimes many more. Hope that helps!
  4. Natale
    Does the cayenne stain clothing and linens?
    1. Meagan
      I've never known it to stain Natale, but I can't say that I've tested it all that much. I've not really heard anyone else complain of this sort of thing either. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  5. Molly
    Is there an alternative to use besides shea butter? i break out in hives if I use anything with that in it. I have to be careful of lotions and shampoos, and now i see it all the time in herbal remedies. I definitely need a substitute for it.
    1. Meagan
      Absolutely Molly. You can use cocoa butter or any other butter you'd like. You can even skip the butter and use more oil. Just keep in mind that if you omit the butters you'll need to use more beeswax to firm up your salve to your liking. Just drop a small amount of your oil/wax mixture and let it harden... mash it with your finger to see how firm it is. If it's not firm enough, add more wax... if it's too firm, add a bit more oil and test again. Hope that helps.
    2. Pandemonium Art
      Try about half as much cocoa butter. That's what I used because I was out of shea.
  6. erin from Joliette
    erin from Joliette
    I have chili seed oil? Any idea how much I should use instead of cayenne powder? Thanks!
    1. Meagan
      I'm not sure if chili seed oil would work as well as cayenne as I'm not sure how hot it is. The cayenne in the salve is what makes it warming to the skin. I suppose you'd have to try it and see how it goes for you.