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Herbal Poison Ivy Cure
By Lauren Brandt - April 30, 2012
Family_in_Woods_smThis is the time of year that I get someone every week asking me about a poison ivy cure. I never get tired of telling them how simple and wonderful an herbal cure is. A few years ago we were filming Making Herb Simple Volume 1. We are hardcore about getting to the right spot to film, so on this particular day we were climbing up a old bridge. There was poison ivy so green and luscious just covering the old bridge. My camera man is extremely allergic to poison ivy. Step by step I could see him getting more and more nervous. He told me he was going to have a bad case of poison ivy by the end on the day. I knew we needed to get out of it and get a herbal cure on him fast. We quickly filmed what we came for, and were off looking for jewelweed, plantain, and chickweed. We got back to the house, and I worked up a fast herbal slim that I pasted on him. He was amazed that, within minutes, the itch was gone! He has been a believer in herbs ever since. Herbs work!!! In Making Herb Simple Vol. 2, we show you how to find and make that poison ivy cure. Also, check out my You Tube video teaching you how to make a simple, topical tincture that cures poison ivy. Poison Ivy Remedy Instructions: Fill a pint or quart sized mason jar with equal parts fresh jewelweed, plantain, and chickweed. Pack herbs in tightly and cover with rubbing alcohol an inch below the rim of the lid. Let sit for five days, and strain off herbs. Tada! You have your own, natural, organic poison ivy remedy.   Return to all articles