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Herban Forever Young Cream
By Lauren Brandt - September 19, 2014
This luxurious herbal cream will leave your skin feeling like it has found the fountain of youth! When Shoshanna’s quest for the best natural skin cream failed to produce the effective product she was looking for, she set out to make her own “miracle in a bottle.” For a fraction of the cost, she created a luxurious herbal cream that exceeded her expectations and was far more effective than anything else she had tried on the market. Now you’re only three steps away from enjoying this fine cream yourself. Oh, and while this cream leaves your skin looking and feeling forever young, the cream should be used within six months to one year.

1. Infuse Your Herbal Oil

Rose Petals Orange Peel Lavender Flowers Rosemary Leaf Calendula Flower Coconut Oil Fill a glass jar 1/3 of the way full with equal parts of each herb. Cover herbs in coconut oil (more easily done if oil is slightly melted). Place lid on jar. Set jar on top of a towel in a crockpot filled with water, on the warm setting for 3 days. Watch water level and be very careful not to pour cool water on a hot jar, as this can cause it to explode. After 3 days, remove the jar from heat, let cool, and strain off herbs. Now you have an Herbal Infused Oil!

2. Make Herban Salve

1 C. Herbal Infused Oil 5 T. Beeswax 9 Drops Grapefruit Seed Extract Melt beeswax into oil on stovetop double broiler, until completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add grapefruit seed extract. Pour into metal tin, or container of choice. You just made your own Herban Salve!

3. Blend Luxurious Cream

1/2 C. Herban Salve 1/8 C. Jojoba Oil 1/8 C. Stockton Aloe (or any other aloe vera) 10 Drops Essential Oil (rose & lavender work well) 6 Drops Grapefruit Seed Extract Blend ingredients in a food processor until smooth cream forms. Pour into your most worthy bottle, label, date and enjoy what the wonderful world of herbs can do for forever young skin!   Return to all articles