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How to Cut Down on Holiday Weight Gain
By Heidi Greening - December 16, 2015

How to Cut Down on Holiday Weight Gain

Let’s start with the good news! According to the myth busters at the New England Journal of Medicine, we don’t gain as much weight during the holiday season as we’ve been led to believe. “The average holiday weight gain is less than commonly asserted. Since this gain is not reversed during the spring or summer months, the net 0.48-kg weight gain in the fall and winter probably contributes to the increase in body weight that frequently occurs during adulthood.”¹ The idea that the average person puts on 5 or more pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is quite alarming! I was relieved to discover that that assumption is not based on scientific fact. However, like the quote from the study done at the New England Journal of Medicine states, we ARE gaining and what’s worse, we’re not losing it. Here are some good tips for stopping that holiday weight gain in its tracks and keeping healthy all year long:
  • Kick the sugar habit! Blood sugar spikes are a major contributor to weight gain. Check out this article from our own Bulk Herb Store blog and this article from Dr. Oz. If you drop the sugar craving, you will be well on your way to a healthy New Year!
  • Start an exercise program now! Review my article on exercise from last year. If you start working out regularly now you won’t want to mess up your results because of a few fleeting bites of Christmas cookies or pies. It’s just not worth it!
  • Give your body the help it needs with herbs and plenty of fiber!
Get your body moving and get healthy!
Do you struggle with weight gain during the holidays?  How do you strive to stay healthy this time of year?
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  1. Catherine Griffice
    I am needing the fiber and herbs to add to my regimen....