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A New Blog Series: Healthy Hearts
By Meagan - February 20, 2013
In light of February being National Heart Month, today is the first post in the Healthy Hearts series here on the Bulk Herb Store blog. Tag along to learn a wee bit about natural heart health using diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements. When it comes to heart health, there’s no easy or simple answer. There are a lot of factors that play into heart disease, and everyone will experience something different. If someone were to ask my opinion on how to go about preventing or treating heart disease naturally, here’s what I’d tell them. First off, read the book Diet & Heart Disease by Stephen Byrnes. It will help clarify a lot of what I’m going to cover in this series. In fact, here is a review of the book you can check out too. Second, it all starts with nutrition. Getting your diet under control is step one. It’s not always easy to make dietary changes, but it can happen over a period of time. Cutting back on unhealthy foods and eating more nutritious foods that your body needs (I’m talking healthy fats here too) can really go a long way on its own in making a person feel better. Third, work at getting your heart healthier one day at a time. This can be through increasing your hearts endurance via exercising and through supplementing your diet with herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It may seem simple, but I’ve learned that simple things can sometimes be the best option for big problems. We don’t have to over analyze everything. There’s so much information out there to help us learn how to become healthier, and the great thing is that we don’t have to do it on our own. We can have communities like this one here at Bulk Herb Store that are dedicated to learning and sharing information together. So here’s to us learning how to take charge of our heart health!
What do you want to learn about when it comes to heart health specifically? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below so we can try to address them in this series!