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How To Make Happy Hair Tea
By Serafina - January 23, 2015

How To Make Happy Hair Tea

How To Make Happy Hair Tea | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Want healthy hair? Today we're sharing the recipe for our healthy hair tea blend! Don't miss it! This simple herbal tea, with a good base of alfalfa and nettles, is Shaaron Lavy's daily drink for "happy hair."
I drink 3-5 cups of mixed teas a day and love using the following herbs [for long & full hair], which are all high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants –  Gingko, Red Clover Herb, Alfalfa, Burdock Root, Dandelion, and Nettle Leaf.

 Herbs for Happy Hair Tea

  • Red Clover Herb (rich in nutrients)
  • Dandelion leaf (rich in minerals)
  • Burdock Root (at Bulk Herb Store this is called a miracle worker for the skin, with minerals such as a silicon to strengthen the hair)
  • Gingko (added to increase circulation and help bring all the rest of the wonderful herbal properties to your scalp)
  • Nettle Leaf  (to stimulate hair growth)
  • Alfalfa (while not expressly for the hair, it's "included since it is super high in vitamins & minerals; it's pretty compete in all of those, so anyway you look at it, they will be super helpful!")
  • Optional: if you want caffeine in your tea, you can add Green Tea in moderation. Since it can interfere with vitamin absorption, it can result in hair fall. You don't want to take too much - i.e. not recommended for a daily/frequent drink if you add the green tea.
You'll find a few of these same herbs in the Wellness Tea, but this is particular blend focuses on hair. A great daily tea, it has a wide array of nutrients which help with circulation, and aid in skin and nail health as well as that of the hair. I talked to Shaaron and she gladly agreed to share her recipe with us - so we too can make our own Happy Hair Tea!

How To Make Your Own Happy Hair Tea

How To Make Happy Hair Tea | Bulk Herb Store Blog | Want healthy hair? Today we're sharing the recipe for our healthy hair tea blend! Don't miss it!
  1. Collect your herbs, a container/jar large enough to hold your finished tea blend, and a scoop or large spoon to measure parts (you can use measuring spoons or for larger quantities, measuring cups; it just depends on how much you'd like to end up with).
  2. Add each of the following herbs into your jar according to the parts listed.  1/2 - 3/4 parts gingko. 1 part red clover, 1 1/2 part dandelion leaf 1 1/2 parts burdock root, 3 part nettle, and 3 parts alfalfa. Optional:  1/2 - 1  part green tea.
  3. Stir, or close and shake. Let your herbs settle for a day or so, then use 1-3 tsp of the blend per 8oz of hot water.
Store in a tightly sealed container/jar in the refrigerator or freezer for best shelf life. This mix is not about taste; you might like to flavor it up a bit with peppermint or honey.

NOTE: As you may have read in our Herbal A-Z on Alfalfa, because of alfalfa [and red clover's] estrogenic effects on the body, this tea is not recommended for pregnant women. Also avoid using while taking blood thinning agents.

"You can also use this tea -well, almost all of those herbs are good for blood cleansing, as well as helpful to liver and kidneys, and gingko is good for your brain. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants - so hey, you'll look younger! It has all your vitamins, so this is a good daily vita-mix.  Or you can make it as a tincture; either way works great!"  -Shaaron
A a cup or 2 a day to start, do you think you would you work up to 3 cups a day of this Happy Hair Tea?


  1. Marlene
    Ok yes or no to the green tea??
    In 1st statement you say no.
    In 2nd statement you say "Green tea is full of anti-oxidants" so is it yes??
    1. Meagan
      The post says it's optional Marlene which means you can choose to put it in if you want to. Hope that helps!
  2. Gabby
    Could this be given to children?
    1. Meagan
      Yes Gabby... I believe it can.
  3. jackimay
    Not enough time in the day for all my teas ;) I have really enjoyed an herbal vinegar rinse which has significantly helped my hair (curly, coarse, thick)...chamomile, calendula and yarrow in a quart size jar covered with apple cider vinegar. Thanks for a great post.