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How To Make Your Own Herbal Capsules
By Cyndi - October 21, 2015

How To Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

Why would you take herbal supplements in capsules?

Taking herbs in capsules is a very convenient way to consume herbs for good health.  Capsules are easy to carry with you and convenient to store in your cabinet when you need to take herbs at home.  If you have several herbs you wish to take every day, capsules make the task much simpler than drinking several cups of tea.  Some herbs are also very bitter tasting, and capsules make taking those herbs a breeze.

Why make your own herbal capsules?

  1. When you encapsulate herbs yourself, you are providing a better, fresher quality of an herbal supplement to take. You can grow your own herbs, grind the herbs, and put them in capsules.  You can also buy herbs here at the Bulk Herb Store, which are fresh and of high quality!
  2. Making your own capsules means you know exactly what went in it and how and where the herb came from. The FDA allows supplement companies to put a certain amount of fillers in their products so that you are not getting 100% herb.  Some of them (but not all) take advantage of this.  It's sad, but true.  When you are making your own capsules, however, you can ensure that the capsules you make have no fillers and are 100% pure herbs.
  3. Making your herbal capsules is economical.  It is much less expensive to buy capsules and herbs in bulk (or use herbs you've grown), and put it all together yourself.
  4. You can mix and match herbs if you like or create remedies according to your needs.  Many of us have different health struggles that we are dealing with, and we can create capsules that specifically meet those needs.  Also, you may find supplements to buy for a health need, but discover that it has an herb you are sensitive to.  You can easily find another herb to substitute that has the same action, but agrees with your body better.
So let's get going on making your own herbal capsules!

How To Make Your Own Herbal Capsules

  • Herbs of choice
  • Capsules - there are two sizes of capsules. There is an 0 size - that is smaller and may be easier for some to swallow. The size 00 does hold more herbs and many like it for that reason. As far as capsules go, it's recommended to use the 100% vegetarian capsules (these contain no GMO, no animal derived ingredients, no starch, no preservatives or wheat).  You can find those here at the Bulk Herb Store!
Instructions By Hand:
  1. Either have dried herbs on hand or grind your own. You can use a mortar and pestle (I love mine), but a coffee grinder works very well also.
  2. Spread out wax paper.
  3. Get capsules out and separate them.
  4. Pour crushed herb into the larger side of the capsule. Let the herb settle down a bit by gently moving it back and forth.
  5. Push smaller part of capsule into larger 1/2 of capsule to seal it
  6. Store capsules in an airtight jar.
Instructions Using Capsule Machine:
Have you ever made your own capsules?  Would you like to try?  Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. Amy
    I would love to make my own capsules. I am just not sure where to start. I bought veggie capsules for my essential oils and have used them.
    1. Cyndi
      Amy: Great on wanting to make your own capsules!! It is super easy!. Start simple with just one herb and go from there. Check out my blog post and then let us know if you have any other questions.
  2. Eliane
    I love doing my own capsules. Bulk herb store is a great place to buy your supplies.
    1. Cyndi
      Eliane: Yes I also love to buy my supplies from Bulk Herb Store!! Glad you are enjoying making your own capsules!!
  3. tess
    yes, I want to try to make my own capsules of herbs, but I don't have a machine... do y'all sell them?
    1. Cyndi

      Yes the Bulk Herb Store does sell The Capsule Machine. It sells for $15.95, and you can get 1000 gelatin capsules in size 0 for $11.95. Have fun
  4. sherri
    I have made my own capsules for a few years now. I have used the machine, which i think is better with the gelatin caps, and i have filled them by hand. I do enjoy making them myself. I buy some powdered herb, but I am growing my own herbs too. So I dry them, and then crush them to put in the capsules.
    1. Cyndi

      that is awesome you are growing your own herbs to encapsulate!!! Growing your own herbs is so much fun.