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How To Make Your Own Tea Blends
By Meagan - March 13, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to blend your own teas? I know I have. I've thought about how fun it would be to understand teas in such a way that I could create my own blends to drink and share with others. A blend for this... a blend for that... depending upon the season and what I had a hankering for. You know what I mean? Well, since this month is all about learning about teas here on the Bulk Herb Store Blog, I decided to get with it and once and for all learn how to make my own tea blends. You know what that means, right? It means that I'm going to share what I've come up with so you can learn to make your own tea blends too! Oh, and if blending your own teas doesn't sound like anything you're really into, be sure to check out the bottom of the post because I've found something that may make blending your own teas more fun for you.

The Pyramid of Tea

I'm calling this blending process "The Pyramid of Tea". You know what a pyramid looks like, right? It's wide at the bottom and gets smaller as it goes up. Well that's how you're going to create a tea blend. You start with a base ingredient which will be largest portion of your blend, and then you add to it with other ingredients in small portions to fill out the blend. It's really simple.

The Base

The base of your tea blend will be the tea leaves or primary herb you're using - called your base ingredient or primary ingredient. There are two things to concider at this point when trying to decide what your base should be. Look & Taste All teas look and taste different. Remember Monday's post about the differences in teas? If you missed it, refer back to it now so you can get an idea of the differences in look and taste of "official" and "unofficial" teas. Now to start, ask yourself what you're looking for in your tea. Do you want something strong and bold? If so, maybe your base needs to be black tea. Do you want something light and helpful in a weight loss formula? If so, green tea is your best bet. Whatever you decide on is what should go into your blend in the largest amount. Not sure what you want or what each of the different teas are really like. You can always buy small amounts of each of the teas, brew them up in different cups, set all the cups in front of you, grab some spoons and start smelling, looking, and tasting each of them to see what you think. Remember to keep notes on each of the teas so when it comes to blending time, you know what each base will be like.

The Top

Alright, here's the fun part... in my opinion. Once you've found the tea or herb that will be the base of your blend, it's time to start adding to it. This can be by adding another, smaller amount of a different tea or herb (a secondary ingredient) or by trying out fruits, flowers, foods, and other herbs with it. There's really no limit to the blends you can create. All it takes is patience in trying things out and seeing if you like them or not. If you want to go with another tea or herb for your secondary ingredient, start by taking one tablespoon of your primary tea or herb and adding in one teaspoon of your secondary tea or herb. Taste it and see what you think. If it's not what you want, try something else. If it works together, you can either leave it as is or add more ingredients to your blend. If you're trying to add fruits, flowers, foods, or other herbs... you're going to have to consider their taste and the way they look, then you're going to have to try it out and experiment. Find out what you like together. Have a friend taste it and see what they think. When you come up with the perfect blend, package it correctly for storage (more on how to do that Friday), and put it away to enjoy later.

Practice and Patience

When it comes to blending teas that are enjoyable... it's going to take some practice and some patience. The more you do it, the better you'll get at it. Learning what flavors go well with which teas also takes some practice. Here's a post that a fellow Etsy shop owner wrote for the Etsy blog all about blending teas. Check out some of her photos below on flavor pairings that go well with each base teas, and be sure to read her post so you can see it all come together!

Black Tea Pairings

Black Tea Pairings

Green Tea Pairings

Roobios Flavor Pairings

Tea Blending Made Easy

Last but not least... if all this tea blending seems romantic to you, but not realistic, here's an easy way to still put your own tea blends together without having to buy everything and do it yourself. Design a Tea is a company that allows you to choose your own ingredients in your own tea blends online. You choose your base, your flavorings, whether you want it in bags or loose leaf, and you even get to name your blend and have it put on your box. Plus your blend can come in two different sizes. How cool is that?!! That's an easy way to try out making your own blends without getting all the stuff yourself. Enjoy and happy blending!
Have you ever blended your own teas? What did you do? Share your tips or your custom blends with us in the comments below!