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Knowing When To Use A Tea vs Some Other Herbal Preparation
By Meagan - March 06, 2013

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There are so many diseases, illnesses, and accidents out there that can happen. There are also so many different natural approaches you can take to treating these things as well. Herbs just so happen to be one of them. So focusing on herbs... you may be overwhelmed when trying to jump in and treat something you or a family member is currently dealing with because there are soooooo many ways you can use herbs. You're probably wondering what's best! Do you use a tea? Maybe a tincture? Or are capsules or an oil better? Well today, I'm gonna talk to you about how I decide what to use, and I hope it helps you out a bit! Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding On An Herbal Preparation 1. What I'm I trying to do? The first thing I do is assess the situation and think through my course of action. What results do I want, and what do I need to do to get those results. If my baby is crying, curling up into the fetal position, his belly is firm, and it's been a while since he's made a poo, chances are he's constipated. The result I'm looking for is for him to go potty. What I need to do is hydrate his body and help stimulate his bowels. A tincture isn't really going to be the best option here because they don't hydrate. Powdered herbs are out of the question for the same reason too. Teas and infustions are probably my best bet here. 2. What's quickest, simplest, and easiest? The next thing I do is think through all the options I have. In the above situation, I can give my little guy more time, I can give him a massage, I can nurse him more and try offering him a small amount of water, juice, or herbal tea, or I can give him a very small amount of an herbal laxitive that's safe for him. Those are the options that come to mind, so now I think about which is going to get me my results quickest. Probably the herbal laxitive. Which is simplest/easiest? Probably hydrating him more. 3. Am I prepared with what I need? Now that I've thought through my options I need to decide if I'm prepared. In the above situation, am I comfortable using an herbal laxitive on my baby in order to get the results I'm looking for quickly? Do I know enough about it? Do I have it available? Would I be more comfortable starting with the gentlest thing like hydration and nutritional laxatives such as prune juice to start with? Do I have those things available? If not, can I get them? 4. How does it taste? Taste = compliance in my book... especially for a kid. If it tastes nasty, no one's going to want to take it... unless you can overcome the taste for the betterment of your body (usually this only pertains to adults). So in our situation, will my baby drink extra teas and prune juice or eat foods that will help him with his constipation? If those things don't work and I try the herbal laxative, what form will it be in? Will it taste good enough for him to take it? So in the above situation, it seems like starting with the gentlest thing for my kid is best and then working my way up to stronger preparations if I need to. It also seems like liquids such as teas or infusions are my best option. Finally... So I hope this has helped you to see how other people make decisions on what type of preparation to go with.
So now it's your turn! Let's take this conversation to the comment section below. I want to know how you make your decisions on which herbal preparations to use and when.