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Minimalist Gifts for the One Who has Everything
By Kady - January 31, 2018

Minimalist Gifts for the One Who has Everything

Gift giving can be a challenge. Gift giving is especially difficult if the recipient is living a minimalist or zero-waste lifestyle or who seems to have one of everything. What kind of gift do you give to someone who says that they have everything they need? Maybe you want to show your love, but the thought of giving an unwanted gift seems to take all the joy out of giving. If you feel this way, don't panic! We're here to help. There are all sorts of ways to show love to someone that seems to have all sorts of things.

Minimalist Gifts for the One Who has Everything


Do Something:

One of my favorite memories was made the summer before my minimalist sister headed off to college. She was nervous about leaving home but wanted to have a bit of fun before she buckled down for a year of study. So instead of buying her "going away" gifts I took a few days off from work and sat down to make a list of all of the things we had been "too busy" to do in our hometown because of school, work, and life. Most of the activities we chose were free (like hiking part of the Appalachian Trail just to say we hiked it for a day) and others were quite random (like paddle boating around and around a pond near our house), but the point was that we laughed and talked and took the time to simply be together. The gift of time can be incredibly precious in our hectic, technology-saturated lives. Take a moment and brainstorm how you can give the gift of time to someone you love.

Make Something:

The perfect gift for a minimalist might also be an item that is ultimately used up, such as a baked good. With a little bit of thought, a few resources, and a little bit of creativity you can turn nourishing ingredients into heartwarming minimalist gifts.
Herbal Infused Honey  can be used in teas, marinades, baked goods and more and is a great gift for any honey lover. Enjoy infused honey drizzled over desserts, fresh fruit, ice cream, oatmeal, or on toast with butter. Or use it to enhance salad dressings, marinades, sauces, tea, lemonade, or bubbly drinks. Just imagine the taste of lavender-laced honey over freshly churned ice cream, rose petal-infused honey drizzled on luscious strawberry shortcake, chamomile honey atop homemade granola, or fresh pear slices dipped into ginger honey. Delish!
Often lotions and massage oils from retailers contain additives, preservatives, and chemicals that are less than loving to our bodies, but this Romantic Herbal Massage Oil is made from pure oils and organic herbs. This massage oil is wonderful for a loved one that needs a moment to rest and recharge.
Many may think of elderberry syrup as a remedy, but our Classic Elderberry Syrup is not only a nutritious way to support your immune system, it's also deliciously sweet and versatile. The dark, fruity syrup is divine when stirred into fizzy drinks, swirled into cereal, or drizzled over ice cream. Plus it looks positively decadent when bottled in a tall moresca bottle.
Chocolate is not only delicious, but also also rich in iron and magnesium. The chocolate lover in your life can get their fix from our Chewy Chocolate Bars  or our Rose Pistachio Bark. Both are great ways to satisfy a sweet tooth while giving the gift of real, nourishing food.  

Donate Something:

As a child, each holiday season my parents gifted us a sum of money to donate to our favorite cause or charity. Monetary giving on behalf of someone you love is a great way to show you care without purchasing things. It shows that not only are you thoughtful, but that you support their passions and values.  
Need some more inspiration? Think about how your loved one spends their time. What do they talk about? What concerns them in their day to day life? What kinds of posts and articles do they share on social media? The answers to these questions are great springboards for ways to share love with those around you!  

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