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Why Your Next Diet Will Ultimately Fail
By Tamra Speakman - January 06, 2014
This is the time of year that everyone is making new year's resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is weight loss. This is especially true for women. We as women resolve to lose weight through exercise and diet. Each year millions of women go on diets but do these diets actually work?

Short Term Diet Results

Sometimes it seems that there is a new and effective diet every month. Each of these diets promise to provide fast and easy weight loss. There are always a  variety of  choices for weight loss. These choices may include:
  • Fad diets such as eating one food only or drinking a certain juice so many times a day.
  • Themed diets such as the South Beach or Atkins diet.
  • Diet pills.
  • Diets that remove or add a healthy or necessary food or nutrient such as low-fat, low carbohydrate or high protein.
However even with all the effort that we ladies make to lose weight it seems that weight loss diets are usually only temporary. As soon as the diet is stopped the weight piles back on. Many times the decision is made to try again thus creating a viscous lose-gain cycle. The constant restrictive forms of eating can create great frustration as we see our efforts wasted with each diet.

Why Diets Don't Work

Let's look at why diets don't work and then we can actually look at some real solutions. Here is a list of some reason why our diets fail year after year.
  • The diet is too restrictive and limits healthy food choices.
  • Some diets actually result in a lack of nutrients or vitamins.
  • It may be lacking in one or more of  the macro nutrients protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
  • Often there is a lack of calories needed to sustain energy.
  • The diet may be too difficult requiring hard to make recipes or difficult to find foods.
The issues in most diets often have a number of side effects that can result in increased weight gain during the diet, rapid weight gain after stopping the diet, or bad effects on our health. Some of the results of dieting include:
  • Binge eating because of limited foods or low calories.
  • Slowed metabolism-God created a natural protection in our bodies and so often times severe restrictions will send it into starvation mode.
  • Many times the diet is too hard to stick with so we return to our old diet.
  • As our bodies are limited in food and weight loss begins our brain and hormones can actually override the feeling of satiety and promote hunger.
  • Weight gain instead of weight loss may be the result.
  • Some diets may provide quick weight loss but this can actually be a  sign of water or even muscle loss instead of fat loss.
  • Increase health risks or concerns can be gallstones, blood sugar imbalance, blood pressure imbalance, mineral or electrolyte imbalance, and increased insulin sensitivity.

10 Steps To Real Weight Loss

The good news is that there are real weight loss solutions. It is important to see that it is necessary to make a long-term lifestyle change in order to have a healthy weight loss that is sustainable. Here are 10 steps that can result in healthy weight loss and improved health.
  1. The first step for any believer is to initiate help and guidance from God through prayer and the reading of His Word. It can be very beneficial to gather a support system of like-minded believers in your journey to wellness. With any health journey it is God who is ultimately our Master and decides our success or failure, yet that doesn't eliminate our role in the journey.
  2. It is important to accept and understand that thin does not always equal healthy. Yet being overweight and obese can be sign of unhealthy diet and other poor lifestyle habits. We are all different and thus we need to determine an appropriate weight and body shape for us as individuals. The goal should not be to be super thin but to obtain overall wellness.
  3. Detoxification is often a first step in any weight loss journey. This should include healthy fiber to support proper digestion.
  4. The addition of supportive herbs can help support your organs, provide nutrients, and eliminate toxins.
  5. To increase wellness and get to an ideal weight that is sustainable a permanent lifestyle change is necessary.  This will include whole nourishing foods created by God to nourish and balance the body. You can find a description of a whole foods diet in my PDF:  A Biblical Whole Foods Diet. This will include the elimination of processed foods, preservatives, refined flours, and sugar and the addition of healthy dairy, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. Adequate water intake is also an important step.
  6. The addition of exercise boosts metabolism, weight loss, strengthens muscles and increases health.The best choice of exercise is one that is enjoyable and will not be a daily battle but a pleasurable addition.
  7. Understanding that healthy weight loss is a long-term process and that there is no quick fix is essential. A healthy weight loss should result in no more than 10% of total body weight at once. After this is obtained a period of rest is best before starting again if necessary. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week or 8 pounds a month.
  8. Don't forget to change poor habits such as: eating at night, overeating, eating too fast, too many sweets, or poor sleep habits.
  9. Consuming lean fats can encourage weight loss. Lean fats are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and can help reduce inflammation and assist digestion. You can obtain these from food via nuts, seeds, and clean fish.
  10. A simple change to a whole foods diet and exercise itself may result in some weight loss. It is also important to look at potential health factors. Some of these may be poor digestion, depression, medication, thyroid or hormone imbalance. It is also important for each individual to determine food allergies and eliminate any offending allergens.
These steps can be part of a journey that can  lead to long-term weight loss and bring health and wellness.
Have you decided you need to lose weight this year? Share how this article has inspired you to make a healthy lifestyle change in the comments below.


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    Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
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