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Prepping for Baby: 24 Things to Remember
By Kristy Howard - May 23, 2014

Prepping for Baby: 24 Things to Remember

There's nothing quite like preparing for the birth of your baby! Your body is in gear.  Your mind is in over-drive.  Anticipation, excitement, and just a little anxiousness mingle in a tangle of nerves and emotions that make you giddy one minute and have you crying the next! As a mama with five young children, I can tell you that each baby is a unique blessing worth getting excited about!  Here's a list of twenty-five things every mama needs to remember as she eagerly prepares to welcome a new little one into her world. (I've included some of my very favorite resources in the list below, as well as helpful articles from other naturally minded mamas.) 1. Drink lots of Mama's Red Raspberry Brew. 2. Schedule regular chiropractic adjustments.  It's one of the best things you can do to prepare your body for a natural birth! 3. Take the Gentle Birth herbal tincture.  Begin this tincture five weeks before your expected due date.
  • Less Pain during labor and delivery
  • Advanced Dilation before discomfort was felt
  • Shorter and Easier Labor
  • Shorter Recovery Time
4. Watch and read the Making Babies series.
  • This series by Shoshanna Easling is by far my favorite resource during pregnancy!
5. Exercise!   6. Take your supplements.  Your baby and your body need extra nutrients right now, so don't forget your herbs, vitamins, and probiotics! 7. Get a copy of Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.   I wish I would have discovered this book as a first time mama! 8. Drink lots of filtered water!  Dehydration is never a good thing, but it's especially dangerous when you're pregnant.
  • The Berkey Water filters are a favorite of our family's for fresh, chemical-free water.
9. Check out this "Labor-Aid" recipe from Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home.  
  • It's great for keeping your electrolytes up during labor!
10. Focus on Scripture before and during your labor.  The Word of God is a powerful weapon to fight against fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions. 11. Find a birth coach or a doula.  This can be your husband, sister, a friend, or a professional labor coach. 12. Consider opting for a water birth.   13. Pack your bags for the hospital or birth center!   14. Remember that you CAN do it!  Child birth is intense work, but your body was created to do this!
  •  Keep a positive outlook and embrace the strength to bring your baby into the world.
15. Take an herb bath with your baby after the birth!  This is one thing I look forward to after my home births.
16. Keep a bottle of After-Pain Relief on hand for after birth pains.  You'll probably need it!
17. Use a nursing pillow to help support your baby while you breastfeed.  These have spared my back and shoulders lots of strain! 18. If you've ever struggled with low milk supply, start supporting your body right away (after your baby's birth) with Maxi Milk tincture.
19. Mama's Milk Tea is a great tasting beverage to help increase and enrich your milk supply, as well.
  • 20. Be sure you have a  quality nursing bra for support and comfort (stock up with three or four pairs).
21. Drink a few cups of Smooth Move Tea to get your bowels moving again after your baby is born.
  • This gentle tea is so effective in preventing postpartum constipation.
22. Focus on eating for your health and your nursing baby's health.  
  • Now is not the time to diet, so don't even think about stressing over pregnancy weight!
  • Check out the Making Babies cook book for delicious, healthy recipes!
23. Have some comfy, pretty clothes in your closet to wear during your postpartum recovery. These may be nursing gowns, maternity clothes, or simply outfits that are bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. 24 Embrace this season and realize your body needs a little (or a lot of) down time.
  • There will be time for housework and homeschooling (or whatever you need to do) again, so just take things a day at time. Or five minutes at a time.
  • Enjoy your baby!
 How do you prepare for a new baby?


  1. Jill
    Excellent list, Kristy! I took the gentle birth herbs with my 4th baby and noticed a huge difference in labor and delivery!
  2. MaryEllen@ImperfectHomemaker
    Thanks for this! I've always been a natural birther as far as no pain meds, but I never knew much about herbs. My sister-in-law made me some herbal tea for the after-pains and they worked every bit as well as OTC pain reliever. I definitely want to learn more of these things if I have a "next time"!
  3. Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage
    It's a great herbal tincture, Jill! I love it! Thanks so much for commenting.
  4. MlLl
    Is smooth move tea safe when nursing? Surely the senna leaf would be passed to the baby through your milk? Or maybe not? Would love to know!