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Q&A: Restless Legs With Chronic Pain
By Shay - November 25, 2014
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Wanted to ask you if you knew the best thing to use for Restless Legs. My husband has horrible feet(multiple surgeries) and still no relief. By 10am the pain moves up his legs so needless to say by the time he gets home for work he is exhausted and in pain. Then when he goes to sleep at night his legs shake constantly. Please help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t really understand the complexities of your husband’s pain; however, whenever I offer help to those with chronic pain, it usually boils down to a few things.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself unless we overburden it with toxins or starve it of nutrients.  So identifying anything that might be causing the problem and removing (or adding) it is just as important as taking a medicine or an herb to heal. For starters, I would recommend cessation of use or consumption of all soda products, all refined salt (replace with a natural pink or gray sea salt); all trans fats, anything containing aluminum (baking powder and processed goods containing baking powder, toothpaste and deodorant); and all products containing detergents (especially those used on the skin and hair daily like shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving cream.) I have battled some similar problems.  As a younger person, I broke my foot and in the process bruised the nerves causing a pair of neuromas between the smaller bones of the foot.  These neuromas caused me severe pain, especially during weather changes, for many years.  I had cortisone injections and surgery was the next step.  I eliminated all bad fats and started large doses of cod liver oil.  Within the months the pain vanished, never to return, not even during the worst of storms and the need for surgery was eliminated. I used to suffer with chronic itching and twitching of my skin, most especially on the legs.  This condition lasted about 10 years.  The doctor couldn’t give me a diagnoses or a cure, but instead I took several different medications to give some relief so I could sleep and function.  After years of trial and error and lots of research later, I discovered the effect of detergents on the body and quickly took steps to remove them from my house.  Just the switch from shampoo to a real (fat/lye) soap was enough to make a significant difference after only two weeks. It has been observed that aluminum can cause inflammation in the brain and other parts of the nervous system which could contribute to restless legs and creepy crawlies.  Aluminum can also add to the congestion of the liver.  To further improve my chronic complaints, I have taken steps to avoid all foods and hygiene products containing aluminum and to replace all of my aluminum cookware with steel, glass, stone or iron.  This wasn’t something that could be done overnight but every change brought about more improvement in my overall complaints and response to healing. Refined salt causes swelling and inflammation and prevents absorption of potassium into the muscles.  Making the change to good salts and removing table salt and all products containing refined salts may not heal your husband’s condition but it should make a difference in his ability to absorb needed nutrients and reduce the overall pain level. Related articles: In certain cases, cession of a poison isn’t enough to lower the levels of the toxin in the body by natural means and a cleanse of some sort is in order.  A liver-cleanse or a digestive cleanse (or both) might be something to consider.  A liver-cleanse would reduce or remove congestion (especially excess estrogens) from the liver and a digestive cleanse with the right ingredients (activated charcoal and/or bentonite clay) could help the body to shed old medications, preservatives, heavy metals and the like from the tissues and digestive system. Related articles: Next, because he has had multiple surgeries, I would surmise he is having problems with scar tissue.  Aloe vera and vitamin E are the two most wonderful supplements which address and heal scar tissue directly.  Do not use aloe vera if you have a latex allergy. Related article: The shaking and restless legs may be both a toxic reaction of a congested liver caused by a barrage of detergents and other toxins which mimic estrogen, medications and/or excessive use of alcohol; and/or by a mineral deficiency most especially magnesium.  Magnesium is rather low in most diets and a deficiency can also be exacerbated by consuming broken fats and not consuming enough of the right fats (low-fat diets). Related articles: As with most other chronic complaints, it is imperative that both causes (toxins and deficiencies) and cures be addressed in order to produce total healing and reversal of symptoms.  Take a look around your house and find what makes your husband sick and figure out what he needs to replace it.  I recommend you read all of the related articles for more specific information on each topic I addressed to help you and your husband understand what might need to be done for a happier, healthier life.


  1. Karin
    I had restless leg syndrome. I found if I eliminated sugar, took natural form of iron and minerals-espeicially magnesium. It went away. In an essential oils class I learned that Eucalyptus citriodora oil and lavender oil blended in a carrier oil and massaged into the legs will stop it. About 1 drop oil in one tablespoon of carrier oil (like olive oil). Use a pure brand.
    1. Shay
      Thank you for your suggestions. It's always good to hear successful remedies from those who've had similar experiences.
      1. Karin
        Could you tell Shoshanna that all citrus oils (including bergamot) are photo and thermo toxic-that means that they can cause permanent staining of the skin if exposed to light or heat. You need to be careful putting them in skin products. I found this out from a specialist in the field. He knew of someone who got so damaged they had to have the stain removed with laser!
        1. Meagan
          I've heard of certain citrus oils being phototoxic, but not all of them. It also has to do with how they're processed... for example cold processed vs other extraction processes. Lea Harris of LearningAboutEOs.com has a great list of phototoxic oils on her site. From my understanding you have to be careful about getting too much sun for up to 48 hours after using anything with these oils in them... and I think the dilution makes a difference too. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. We appreciate it!