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How to Make a Simple Honey Tincture
By Lauren Brandt - February 23, 2017

How to Make a Simple Honey Tincture

A honey tincture is a simple preparation of herbs and raw honey to infuse the honey with the herb's flavors, oils, and properties. Although weaker than an alcohol tincture, honey tinctures are more palatable and beneficial for the whole family.* Honey tinctures provide the body with nourishment and add pizazz to drinks, marinades, dressings, meat and vegetable dishes and desserts.

What is the difference between an herbal infused honey and a honey tincture? Quite simply, an herbal infused honey steeps for several weeks at room temperature and a honey tincture steeps at low heat for several days. Herbal infusions work well for delicate herbs that can be damaged by heat. Honey tinctures work well for harder herbs such as roots and berries that require heat to get the most from their flavors and properties.

How to Make a Simple Honey Tincture

Go get...

1 cup of your favorite blend of organic herbs such as: Organic raw honey

Do it!

  • Pour herbal blend in a glass pint jar and cover with honey. If honey is stiff, warm until easily poured and fill the pint jar 1/2 inch from the top.
  • Cap jar and place on top of a towel or rag in a medium sized pot. Fill the pot with water to right below the rim of the lid on the glass jar, and turn the stove on the lowest setting (warm, NEVER boiling**).
  • Steep the herbs in the honey for three days, occasionally adding more water to the pot (NEVER pour cold water on a hot glass jar or it will crack or explode).
  • After three days remove honey tincture and set aside to cool. Strain the herbs with an unbleached cheese cloth.
  • Label thoroughly and store in a wide mouth jar for easy access.
  Note: Important details to note on your label:
  • Name of each herb used
  • Part of herb used (ex. root, leaf, flower)
  • Fresh/Dried
  • Amount of honey used
  • Source of herb
  • Date tincture was made
  * Honey tinctures are beneficial for those that are avoiding alcohol, sensitive to alcohol, or unable to safely consume alcohol. Warning: Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age. **You want to keep the honey warm, but if the pot becomes too warm the beneficial enzymes in the honey will die and the herbs will begin to cook. A crockpot with a "warm" setting is especially useful for honey tinctures.  

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