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The Joy of Using Beet Powder
By Patricia Cohen - May 03, 2011
After doing extensive research on the nutritional benefits of Beet Root Powder, I experienced one of those “if only” moments, a moment of regret for turning my nose up to beets most of my life… Growing up I could never understand why my family enjoyed beets as much as they did. At dinner one evening I worked up enough courage to try one small bit. Just as I thought! It tasted like the smell of our 100 year old earthen basement.... GROSS! Beet Root Powder After considering going on a raw juice diet, beets were highly recommended to add to our vegetable cocktail; once again I accepted the challenge. I thought! Really now, how bad can they be? After all, my first and last taste of a beet was decades ago. So off to the produce market to purchase all the wonderful veggies we were going to juice. I loaded up my cart with bundles and bundles of beets. While at the checkout counter a good friend’s grandfather was amazed at the amount of beets I was about to purchase. I didn’t realize it at the time; but he got the impression that I LOVE BEETS! He excitedly told my friend about my purchase. The next time we met, which was for dinner, she commented on how surprised she was that I like beets and considered serving them with our meal. I laughed and said, “I hate them”! Giving me a confused look she asked why I purchased so many- I explained that at the time I was on a raw/juice diet and beets were a part of it, I failed to mention that after languishing in the frig for some time, they rotted. Her grandfather nicked named me “The Beet Lady”. Years later while vacationing overseas I contracted a parasite; again I was required to adjust my diet. Beet root powder was included in the regimen. I made a weak attempt at using the powder; it sat in the pantry unused for about a year. After hardening, it landed in the trash. What an amazing product! It contains high levels of vitamins and minerals. It helps to support healthy digestive, liver and spleen function. It lowers blood pressure and more… Amazingly for me, Beet Powder improves brain function; if you were to ask my husband, I think he might agree that I could use more brain powder. My current research on beet powder reminded me of my past experiences with beets; I had a good chuckle and was challenged at the same time. I’ve made up my mind; I’m going to try again! I’m working at the Bulk Herb Store today and just purchased some “Beet Powder”. I just drank some powder mixed in juice. Oh yum! There, now I tried it and so should you!!! I’ll report back to you on any physical changes I notice in the next few weeks. If I only knew the nutrition beet powder offered, I may have put forth a greater effort in using it. I would still be using it today and receiving amazing nutritional benefits ….. Hum! IF ONLY!!!! Check out our website for more information on the nutritional benefits of Beet Powder. Enjoy watching Shoshanna’s YouTube video for making Lip Balm. She uses beet powder in her recipe! To you health, The Beet Lady, Patricia Cohen; for the Bulk Herb Store   Return to all articles