Jasmine Green Bubble Tea

Jasmine Green Bubble Tea

Ready for a breath of spring in a fun and playful drink?!  Then this drink and blog is just for you.... made with a base of Jasmine Green Tea and Boba, this is perfect for parties, celebrations or any day you just want to have fun and try something new. 

Our Jasmine Tea has an intoxicating aroma and will take you on a stroll through sun-drenched fields of wildflowers, combining perfectly fragrant floral notes with delicate grassy overtones.


It is light and satisfying and the perfect marriage of pure green tea and sweet jasmine blossoms.  



Jasmine Green Tea (already steeped, NOTE- steep for less time than normal, Approx 4 minutes as to give a lighter jasmine flavor)

3 cups water

Dried tapioca pearls (however many you prefer; I did a cup)

Honey or cane sugar (to taste)

Milk (of your choice)


wide tapioca straws


Go ahead and boil your water for the tea and begin to steep it.  As I noted earlier, I would steep for less time than normal, so it has lighter flavor notes, but if you love a strong flavor go for a longer steeping time!  Meanwhile grab your bag of tapioca pearls. 

If you are wondering where to shop for tapioca pearls and straws like I was.... Asian markets carry these and there are so many options!  There are many kinds of pearls, bursting bubbles and lighter in color.  I went with these darker ones to be sure they showed up good in our tea recipe.  You are going to want to follow the directions on the bag of tapioca pearls for the cooking and also cooling.  When they are done, they should chill in cold water. 


Now while your pearls are cooking on the stove, let's go back to your jasmine tea you have steeping.  I figured this out the hard way while making this recipe, but I am giving you the heads up so hopefully it will turn out perfect for you! While your tea is still hot you should go ahead and sweeten to the level of sweet you prefer.

Whether you are using honey or can sugar, pour some in and take a sip to see if it suits you.  When those tapioca pearls are done cooling you will coat them in your sweetener of choice too.  I found out that just coating the pearls is not enough sweet, plus if you use honey like I did, it tends to slide off the pearls and not stick super good.  So, to recap.... Sweeten your tea to taste and coat the chilled pearls lightly in your sweetener too.  Once you sweeten your tea you will want to chill it too.

I tossed some ice cubes in the pitcher; if you have the time, you could just put the pitcher in the ice box so as to not risk watering down the tea.  Pour your tea in the glass of choice you have picked out and add milk to suite your taste.  I am the type that likes it really creamy.  Now here is an interesting note.... I bought coconut milk from the Asian market to use and was so excited to see what it was like.  But discovered that when I added it, the texture was a bit weird and it kind of separated from the tea and didn't blend well together.  So, I gave almond milk a shot and it blended great.

  I think the fat content in coconut milk might be a little high to blend well.  You can use whatever milk you love and prefer, just a note on my experience. 

You can now add the bubbles! 

Grab one of those big and so very fun boba straws and sip away! 

What a fun way to get all the health benefits from green tea in a delicious and refreshing recipe!  Enjoy!

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