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Yerba Mate Toasted Peach, Organic, 1/2 LB.
Ilex Paraguariensis St. Hill | Brazil

Yerba Mate Toasted Peach, Organic, 1/2 LB.

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A beverage native to South American tribes since ancient times, Yerba Mate is traditionally prepared in a mate, or gourd, and sipped through a bombilla, a special straw with an attached filter on the end.

Once you’ve tasted the smooth, rich flavor of toasted peach matched seamlessly with nutrient-rich Mate, you’ll never look back. Soak in the complex flavors of this brew and enjoy.

Tea Brewing Recommendation:

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of leaves into a tea strainer and place over mug.  Pour cool water over leaves to re-hydrate for 1-2 minutes; this makes for a smoother brew.  

  2. After the leaves are hydrated, pour off cool water.

  3. Heat 1 cup of water to 165-175 degrees. Pour over hydrated herbs and steep 3-5 minutes.  Remove tea strainer and herbs, sweeten if desired and enjoy!

Contains: Organic Yerba Mate leaves (roasted), natural peach flavoring.


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