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Valerian Root C/S, Organic, 1/2 LB.
Valeriana officinalis | United States

Valerian Root C/S, Organic, 1/2 LB.

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Valerian Root is commonly taken as a capsule or tea before bed. It is best mixed with more pleasant tasting herbs when brewed as a tea because of its strong odor.

This soothing root boasts strong relaxing properties.* Most people prefer taking Valerian in capsule form or as an extract due to the strong odor of this herb. Cats, however, seem to be quite enamored with the smell and are known to enjoy it in the same way as catnip. 

Precaution: It is advised when taking this herb due to its sedative effects. It also may increase the effects of prescription sedatives. Thus, as always please consult with your physician for proper administration of this natural medicine.

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