Chamomile Neroli Vegan Soap (84% Organic)

Chamomile Neroli Vegan Soap (84% Organic)

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Our chamomile neroli vegan soap features a delicate blend of essential oils including sweet chamomile, neroli, and petitgrain for a light fragrance that isn't overpowering. Ground chamomile flowers add an herbaceous touch with gentle exfoliation. Created using organic vegetable based oils.

Size: 3" long x 2 1/2" Wide x 1" thick
Weight: 4+ oz.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil Blend (Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Natural Fragrance, Chamomile Powder, Aloe Vera

Certified Organic

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