Rosemary Lavender Hair & Body Vegan Soap Bar

Rosemary Lavender Hair & Body Vegan Soap Bar

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Our Rosemary Lavender Shampoo bar is perfect for men and women alike. It is scented with a woodsy but lightly floral fragrance. It can be used as a shampoo bar for the hair, body, beard or even shaving. Created with luxurious all natural oils.

Size: 3" long x 2 1/2" Wide x 1" thick
Weight: 4+ oz.
Soap is unwrapped but bagged instead to maintain the freshest scent upon arrival.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil Blend (Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil), Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil Blend ( Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil), Rosemary Powder.

Certified Organic

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