Gelatin Capsules

Origin: United States
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These pull-apart capsules, made from sulfate-free Kosher beef gelatin, come in two convenient sizes for your individual needs and work great with The Capsule Machine.

Size “0” is the most popular size used for capsulated products. Each “0” capsule will hold 400 mg-800 mg, and comes in a pack of approximately 1000 gel caps. The “00” is about 50% larger, and works well for those who don’t mind swallowing a larger capsule. The “00” size will hold 550 mg-1,100 mg. (5,000 mg=1 teaspoon), and comes in a pack of approximately 450-500 gel caps. Dense powders like Bentonite clay and spirulina will be close to the 800 mg-1,000 mg range, while light powders such as slippery elm and ginseng will be near the 400 mg-550 mg range. Using a tamper will greatly increase the amount that will fit into each capsule. Gelatin source is kosher beef, and it is sulfite free.

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