Good Bug Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser

Origin: United States
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An easy-to-read, fun guidebook on the 38 most common bugs found in your garden -- good and bad -- and how to manage them.

Good Bug, Bad Bug lets you quickly identify the most common invasive and beneficial insects (and other tiny critters) in your garden, and gives the best organic advice on how to attract the good guys and manage the bad guys without reaching for toxic chemicals. Garden expert Jessica Walliser also offers strategies for dealing with the new bugs in town, those worrisome strangers that are starting to show up as a result of climate change. Thirty-eight bugs, presented in full color on laminated stock, with concealed wire binding. A great gift for bug-lovers of all ages!

Author: Jessica Walliser
ISBN: 978-0976763192
Spiral-bound: 90 pages
Publisher: St. Lynn's Press (2008)

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