Making Herbs Simple Vol 1

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Learn herbal tips, recipes and more from Shoshanna and friends!

With all of mankind’s achievements, we have yet to outgrow our need for the healing power of the God-given herb! Join Shoshanna and friends as we show you how to identify and use herbs that may be growing in your own backyard. These professional recordings introduce you to the wonderful world of herbs, so no herbal experience is needed. We make learning fun and interesting for the whole family! Both DVDs include bonus 20-page, full-color companion booklets highlighting the featured herbs.

Volume 1 shows step-by-step demonstrations on how to find, wash, dry and store peppermint, echinacea, nettle, comfrey, elderberry, yarrow, mullein, and plantain; make poultices, tinctures, herbal hair treatments, and more!

Running time: 78 minutes
Format: DVD

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