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The New Mama and Baby Kit is designed to make a healthier, happier mama and baby.

Did you know that the skin is the biggest organ of your body? That means that lotions, soaps, shampoos and other topical products are not just going on your skin, but going in your body. As a new mama, with a new baby, I wanted my life to be free of chemicals as much as possible. So, I started with our bath and body products. The New Mama and Baby Kit is designed to make a healthier, happier mama and baby.

If bought separately these products would cost $121.50. Buy this collection and save $31.55!

This kit includes a 1/2 pound bag of each: Baby Bath Mix, Mama's Milk Tea, Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew, Chamomile Flowers whole, Lavender Flowers whole, Lavender Flowers powder & Arrowroot powder (1 lb). Also includes a 4 oz. can of Eden Salve.

Eden Salve is safe for baby and mother. It is a mix of herbs and natural ingredients to heal, sooth, and protect against dry skin. It is used on sore nipples, raw skin or rashes. It is great for a speedy healing on the vagina after birth or the belly button of your baby.

Baby Bath Mix is a mix of herbs to sooth and cleanse the skin. It contains lavender flowers, red rose petals, rosemary, and yarrow.

Mama's Milk Tea helps to increase milk. This nutritious tea mix has helped many women that were previously not able to nurse. Mama’s Milk Tea contains blessed thistle herb, fennel seed, fenugreek seed, red raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf and nettle leaf.

Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew strengthens the womb before birth; it also is effective in helping to restore the womb after delivery. Contains alfalfa and red raspberry leaf so you can double your nutritional value in your daily tea, nettle leaf to release the water you have been holding, and a little peppermint to aid your digestive system. Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew is our best loved tea!

Chamomile Flowers have made a favorite tea down through the ages. it soothes the nerves and helps you get a restful sleep. It is a mild, almost apple tasting tea.

Arrowroot powder and Lavender Flowers powder can be combined into baby powder using 5/8 c. arrowroot and 1/8 c. lavender.

Lavender Flowers whole are wonderful for that sweet sleep that you will be needing. It makes a great bedtime tea. It is also nice to put some in a cotton bag or sock and stick it in your pillow. Sweet dreams!

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