How To

Make a Glycerite
Glycerites (tinctures/extracts made with glycerine) are syrupy liquids that provide an alcohol-free alternative to the more popular alcohol tincture... read more.

Make a Poultice
Poultices, also called plasters, can easily be made by pouring a small amount of boiling water over herbs and steeping them for a few minutes to release…read more.

Make a Salve
Salves/ointments are great for supporting skin health. Read more.

Make a Tea
Teas (infusions and/or decoctions) have the advantage of being well assimilated. Hot water releases more…read more

Make a Tincture
Tinctures are concentrated, liquid forms of herbs that are simple to make and easy to assimilate. They are so concentrated that sometimes we…read more.

Store Herbs
Shelf life varies from one herb to another. A powdered herb will lose its properties much faster than a whole or cut herb. Those with volatile oils…read more.