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Passionfruit Black Tea, 1/2 lb.

Camellia sinensis  |  Origin: Mixed
96% of 100
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This lightly sweet variation of the classic is made by infusing black tea leaves with passionfruit flavoring, which are then tossed with bright marigold petals.

Fragrant passionfruit dances with bold and daring black tea, floating across your palate in a sweet oasis you won't want to leave. The aromatic flavor shines through while the bright colors from marigold petals make this a must-have in any tea collection. Best served chilled over ice and sipped out in the sunshine.

Brewing Recommendation: 

1. Heat 1 cup of water to 190 degrees. 
2. Add 1-2 teaspoons of tea into a tea strainer. 
3. Pour water over herbs and steep for 3-5 mins. Remove tea strainer and herbs. Sweeten if desired and enjoy!

Contains: Naturally caffeinated Black tea, flavored with passionfruit flavoring and marigold petals.

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  • Sun Tea

    There are few things comparable to a cold glass of tea during the hot summer months. Double whammy the pleasure by feeding your cells with healing herbal mixes to keep your body strong, vibrant, and energetic for the outdoor activities of summer.



    1. Fill a clean glass jar with the water and herbal tea.
    2. Leave in direct sunlight for at least 2 hours.
    3. Strain out herbs, add sweetener if desired, and frozen fruit or ice cubes. Enjoy!