Asthma Treatment

by Hope Clark

May 2012


My husband Dan (39) has had asthma all his life (officially diagnosed at age 2). He’s a fighter and struggled longer and harder than most people to do “normal” things due to his asthma. He has been a Fireman for over 20 years (he’s an Asst. Fire Chief in a paid FD!) and of course continued to struggle with breathing. I started looking into some herbs that are for “breathing and/or lungs”. Since Dan has been taking this remedy, he has not used his prescribed inhaler or even gone to the doctors about it!!! Dan had such great results, I told my sister-in-law (Dan’s sister) to try it for her son Zeke. Bekky made the remedy, she called back (few weeks later) with a great report... “Zeke is off his meds!!!” Zeke and Dan have been taking this remedy for a couple years now and are doing great! Bekky said “I forget he (Zeke) even has asthma!” Both Dan and Zeke have moderate to severe asthma (diagnosed as such) and now lead a “normal” life!  We call the remedy “Wheezer Sauce.” 

Wheezer Sauce

1 part Nettle
1 part Ginger
2 parts Yerba Santa
2 parts Mullein leaf
1 part Thyme
1 part Eucalyptus
1 part Licorice
pinch of Cayenne Pepper

This can be made into a glycerin or alcohol tincture. I also grind it up for capsules for my husband to take to work.

Hope Clark
Delta Jct., Alaska

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I just wanted to thank you for your ministry!! I am continually amazed at how fast your shipping is.....and I am thankful to God for your wealth of information that you so willingly share with us. God Bless You!!!

Thank You!!

Angela A.


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