Asthma Relief

by Mrs. Adams

December 2009


For severe congestion in the lungs, boil one or two large onions, a little garlic, and cinnamon, sage, caraway seeds (dilators). Let it get to the piping hot boiling stage! Salt will help it get hotter faster.

Breathe the vapors for 10-20 minutes...You can do this by taking the pot off the stove, and position your head over the steam (CAREFUL!) then drape a towel over your head.

I do this with my asthmatic daughter. Afterwards I percussion her back, and send her to bed with a nice herbal tea sweetened with a large amount of honey (to loosen the phlegm). It really helps.


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From our Mailbox


Wow, unbelievable! I placed my order at 9:30am on Wednesday, and it was delivered 5:30pm on Thursday. That is just 32 hours!!

I am always pleased with the products i receive. This time I got more Herbal Berry Brew (will be our 5+ gallon), and the mild Herban Earth bag -- very sturdy and well constructed. Looking forward to using the bag, and as i do it will remind me to pray for the missionaries who made it.

Oh, and I got six bottles with droppers. Good size and just what i needed.

Thank you - a lot!



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