Bentonite Clay Bath Recipe

by Jennifer J

July 2012


favorite bentonite Clay bath recipe

1/4 cup bentonite Clay

1/4 cup kelp powder

1/2 cup aloe

I mix it up adding a little water if needed I put a face mask on then add to a bath and relax

can also be used as a body wrap with an old sheet



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I received my order today. Thank you for the fast shipping. Also, thank you so much for the tea samples. I have been considering ordering them, but didn't want a large amount if I didn't care for the taste. Now's my chance to try them! :) God bless, Katie


Did You Know?


Unusually offensive body odor is often the result of toxins built up in the body, making their way out through the skin. Whether it's your feet, armpits or fecal matter, all such foul smells usually have the same root cause: excess toxins. Tackling such issues with an external remedy is usually, at best, a temporary fix. The use of Bentonite clay internally can flush out a wide variety of odor-causing toxins. A young lady from Florida recently shared how wonderful it is to be free of the offensive odor that had plagued her for some time. She thought it would never go away, but not long after she started consuming Bentonite clay, the body odor disappeared.