Body Cream to Heal Diaper Rash!

by Jennifer

October 2012


I made Shoshanna's body cream last year and discovered a new use for it the other day. I'm so excited! My 1 yo had a very nasty, bleeding diaper rash and after 3 days it just wasn't clearing up. I had tea tree/lavender, A&D, Bordeaux's Butt Paste, air drying. Nothing was working. In a last attempt I stopped at the health food store to see what natural products they had. They had one very expensive ointment with calendula in it. Calendula!! I had that from making the body cream! I was going to just make an infusion, but decided to try the actual cream itself. Wouldn't you know, it cleared that rash up almost immediately. After just the first application it wasn't bleeding any more and healed at least 80%! Two days later, there is just a very slight trace of a rash! I am so impressed and pleased at the healing through God's creation! Praise the Lord for His provision and care for His creation! So, although this is not "my" remedy, I just wanted to share a good solution for diaper rash.


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I just found your website and downloaded your catalog. I love it. I will be ordering soon. Just wanted you to know, it is so nice to find a well laid out site with lots of choices. ~Barbara


Did You Know?


Daily sprinkling a little Cayenne powder on the toothpaste on your toothbrush can work miracles in fighting and preventing gum disease. That's right! It will also help deal with other oral ailments that plague many folks these days. After reading about this, we just had to try it. There is a warm sensation in your mouth as you brush your teeth, but it soon disappears after rinsing. As always, whenever using Cayenne powder, you should start with very small amounts to allow the body some time to build up a tolerance. The first few times we used it, we sprinkled so little of the powder on the toothpaste that we didn't feel anything. As the days progressed, we increased the amounts slightly until we felt it was warm enough. After using it for a little while, the nice feeling in your mouth is very satisfying. Be warned, however, that you do not want to overdo this one, so start small.