Glowing Acne Free Skin

by Jessica

August 2012


Hey everyone! i just wanted to talk to thoughs who are having trouble with acne, i just recently started using tree tea oil everyday and i cant tell you how much better my skin has become!! i am a cosmetologst and we are always trying to find ways to make our skin better and as soon as i started doing this ( i didnt tell anyone i was) my colleges start commenting on how my face was glowing, many of them asked if i had a boy friend i wasnt telling them about!! i also do coconut oil once a day as well! give it a try and ill bet you be pleasantly surprised! Jessica!


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From our Mailbox


Just a quick note to say, "Thank you!" I am always impressed with your products and service. This time I was so surprised to find a bottle of glycerin included for free. I have wanted to try making tinctures but just
kept putting it off. The Lord knew I needed a little push :~) Thanks again!

God bless you ~Holly


Did You Know?


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