Kidney Cleanse

by Kimberly

November 2014


Kidney cleanse:

Marjoram 1oz
Cats claw 1 oz
Comfrey root 1 oz
Fennel seed 2 oz
Chicory herb or root 2 oz
UVA ursi 2 oz
hydrangea root 2oz
Gravel root 2oz
Marshmallow root 2oz
Golden rod herb 2oz

This is made for a tea to be drank in sips throughout the day 7 to 8 times for 3 weeks. Take 1 oz each of the first three herbs and 2 oz each of the rest and mix thoroughly. The dry herbs could be stored in the refrigerator after being mixed to maintain potency. The actual tea after being made should not be refrigerated. Before bed, soak 2 heaping tbsp of mixture in 16 oz of water covered. Leave covered overnight. In morning bring to boil and strain to drink throughout the day. Any strong smell and darkening of the urine at the beginning indicates the body passing toxins/crystals. Support the kidneys while doing this cleanse by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. If urine is dark, drink more water. Avoid large amounts of proteins, caffeine, ect during the cleanse. If battling from stones, drink juice of one to two lemons or limes per day for 10-14 days, afterwards you can use half, best time to drink lemon/lime water is after drinking a cup of warm water in the mor-
ning. If at any time you experience abdominal bloating, reduce dosage to half.

I received these instructions from dr by the name of Andreas Moritz.


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From our Mailbox

Your herbs are not only more trust-worthy in my opinion, but they are also less expensive (including shipping) than what I can find here in Madison, WI. Thank you so much for your help!


Did You Know?


Cayenne powder has been used by researchers in Antarctica to help them bear the extremely cold temperatures. The cayenne powder is sprinkled into their boots before putting them on. As the powder slowly comes in contact with the skin through the socks, it will draw blood to the feet, thus bringing much needed warms to the extremities. The one draw back is the red powder stains light colored socks. From our readings, it seems the stained socks were a small price to pay for the great benefit of being able to feel your toes after a little while out in the blistering cold! After trying this on a number of occasions during the winter near Lake Superior, I'm also convinced the stained socks are worth it.