Orange and Vinegar Cleaner

by a smart reader

November 2010


Another thing that I discovered that is so cool has to do with vinegar. I thought you (or your customers) might like because you sell orange peel. I soak or spray orange, lemon, or grapefruit peelings before I peel them to minimize chemical residue. After peeling and making sure there is no pulp left, they are ready to dry and put in vinegar. Simply fill a jar 1\3 full of peeling pieces and fill with vinegar. Let set for a week Presto! you have a cleaner. You can let it set for months. The longer it sits, the better it gets! I use it diluted in water like Mr. Clean, Orange for furniture, grapefruit for bathrooms, and lemon or orange for the kitchen. Another amazing thing is the fact that we can use the same thing for “medicine” as we do for cleaner. So cool!


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From our Mailbox


KUDOS to your shipping department... because it was pouring rain the day that it arrived and the UPS guy left it at the end of the driveway (we have a gate to keep the animals out of the orchard). It was in a plastic bag, but the box was still SOAKING wet. We looked at it and thought, "Well, whatever is inside is going to be completely destroyed." We peeled the box off (yes, peeled!) and you know what? Your shipping department did such a great job packaging everything that everything was completely dry. Even the book was perfectly intact. Yay! =)


Did You Know?


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