Plantar Warts Finished Off!

by Misty

April 2014


I am so excited to share this remedy with you! In the first days of December 2013 my oldest daughter came to me and said, "Moma, I have this black spot on my foot and it is hurting...I think it is a splinter." So I began digging into her foot where this "splinter" was. I never reached a splinter though. I kept my eye on it for a few days thinking that if it was a splinter it would come to the surface but it never did, instead it began to grow. Of course it became more painful for her as it grew. I realized by the end of December that we were dealing with a plantar wart. So we started researching to see how to get rid of this thing naturally. I promise you we tried every remedy out there and absolutely none of them worked, instead they enhanced the growth of this plantar wart. Before we knew it she had literally 20 plus of these warts on the heel of her foot. So naturally I think, "I'll just take her to the doctor to see what they can do", big mistake. They acted so nonchalant and told me that it is a virus and it just has to run its course. So at this point, I am watching my daughters foot turn into one big plantar wart. I began praying over this and thinking that there has to be something that will get rid of these things naturally...there just has to be...and it hit me one day...Bentonite clay paste!!!!!!!!! I wish I had pictures of the progress to show you. We started putting the paste on her foot every night before bed and covering it with a sock around mid February and within 3-4 weeks every single plantar wart was gone, gone, gone!!!!! Let me tell you this stuff is amazing! I'm not real sure what triggers these nasty little nuisances but we got rid of them. Moms, trust your gut feeling when it comes to health not only for yourself but for your entire family. Do your research and pray for answers. There are so many natural things out there that will heal!

Another recipe we have tried is the Bentonite clay toothpaste. My son had these sores on his gums that the dentist told me was "normal" but they sure didn't seem normal to me. When I saw this recipe, I immediately decided to try it because of what I had just experienced with the Bentonite clay paste helping the warts. He started using it and within 1-2 weeks those sores that I was concerned about were gone!

Thank you Shoshonna and everyone who works for Bulk Herb for what you do and the help you give us as customers!


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From our Mailbox

I love your website... Thank you for all your help. I love my herb books, and headed off an ear infection (my four year old) with a clove of garlic. Within 15 minutes, she was pain free whereas she had been holding her ear in horrible pain. Thanks again.


Did You Know?


Split ends and frail hair can be drastically reduced by simply consuming Horsetail cut and/or powder. Also, weak and thin fingernails can be stronger and thicker after just a few weeks. The nutritional structure of Horsetail is well known as one of the best cures for such annoyances. Just add a bit of the cut herb to any tea combination. In a tincture, it would even be more effective. The powder can also be encapsulated, if you prefer. Continue usage even after you see improvements to make them more permanent.

Kelp would be our second choice as a nutritional powerhouse that can make a noticeable difference. Consuming both would be the best way to tackle it.