Psoriasis and Skin Issues Dealt With

by Andrea

February 2014


Calendula oil! [May help improve symptoms of] psoriasis, eczema, & dry skin. Infuse your choice of carrier oil with dried calendula flowers; you can let it sit for 4-6 weeks with daily shaking, or over a few days in a very low (under 105F) crockpot. When infused, oil will smell like calendula. Rub oil into affected areas, as needed. I started using this when my 1 year old started getting plaque psoriasis & the pediatrician recommended using Eucerin lotion with A&D ointment on top. We try to stay away from preservatives & other commercial additives, so I tried this instead. The smaller spots were GONE after 2 applications, the bigger spots after 4! My 6 month old nephew had a similar issue so I shared some Calendula oil & all his spots are healed as well. My brother had a huge spot of eczema on his arm for the last 10 years, after 2 weeks of using Calendula oil... TOTALLY GONE! Now, I make Calendula oil by the gallon & constantly give it to people to try then show them how to make their own. I recommend using organic herbs to avoid any toxic pesticides, you don't want to be spreading poison on your skin! As well as organic, unrefined oils as they have great qualities of their own. I also use the Calendula flowers in baths during the winter to help keep skin healthy. Just put some dried flowers in a tea bag (reusable produce bags work well if you want to use more herb than will fit in a tea bag), & hang it off the spout. My kids love the idea of 'swimming in tea' as they put it. Calendula oil is also a great addition to homemade lotions!


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I made up a few tea blends and they taste great. Thank you for the advice.


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