Relax and Sleep Tea

by Terri K.

November 2014


For relaxation & sweet sleep.
I brew my own lemon balm tea. This year my husband planted several lemon balm plants and they got so huge. Last week I brewed all the leaves in a large pot of good quality water. After it cooled I put it in 1 qt. containers. And always leave a few in my frig. and the rest I freeze. Before I lay down on my recliner at around 8:00pm I heat up 1 cup of this tea to 1/4 vile of lemon balm liquid extract from "Herbalist-Alchemist" 1oz.
Ever since my daughter passed away 4yrs. ago relaxing as well as sleeping has been so difficult for me. This works so well & I have tried so many other herbal products. I am sleeping so much better now.


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From our Mailbox

...and I also want to tell you how much my husband loves your Black Tea (and how much I love brewing sweet tea for him instead of buying the walmart junk!).

~Holly P.

Did You Know?


Daily sprinkling a little Cayenne powder on the toothpaste on your toothbrush can work miracles in fighting and preventing gum disease. That's right! It will also help deal with other oral ailments that plague many folks these days. After reading about this, we just had to try it. There is a warm sensation in your mouth as you brush your teeth, but it soon disappears after rinsing. As always, whenever using Cayenne powder, you should start with very small amounts to allow the body some time to build up a tolerance. The first few times we used it, we sprinkled so little of the powder on the toothpaste that we didn't feel anything. As the days progressed, we increased the amounts slightly until we felt it was warm enough. After using it for a little while, the nice feeling in your mouth is very satisfying. Be warned, however, that you do not want to overdo this one, so start small.