Remedy To Rid Your Pet Of Parasites

by Lori Hanly

September 2012


Who is excited about dead worms?! No, not earthworms silly! Earthworms are good! I am talking about the parasitic worms that make our furry feline friends all yucky inside.

After rescuing a cat from an unsanitary home, we discovered she was infested with fleas and tapeworms.

I could see the worm segments crawling in her feces. EEwwwwww! Time to get serious!

I will give you the herbal mix I put together. Does it work you ask? Yesterday I checked after she used the litterbox and yep- dead tapworm segments AND a dead roundworm!

1/2 cup Diatomaceous earth

2 Tblsp wormwood

4 Tblsp garlic powder

mix well. This is much more than needed, but will keep well.

Mix 4 tsp in a 13 oz can wet cat food.

Give apprx 2 Tblsp of medicated cat food once a day for 3 days to each cat. Refrigerate unused portion.

Repeat in two weeks.

You can adjust to weight of cat. This was for a 5lb cat.


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From our Mailbox


I was so excited when my mom first told me about your site. I have been looking to find "natural ways" to take my vitamins and am looking forward to using some of the herbs my mom has already purchased. Oh, I also love that there are videos so that I am not "winging it" when it comes to what I am supposed to mix. You guys are freakin awesome!!

Gabby D.


Did You Know?


Split ends and frail hair can be drastically reduced by simply consuming Horsetail cut and/or powder. Also, weak and thin fingernails can be stronger and thicker after just a few weeks. The nutritional structure of Horsetail is well known as one of the best cures for such annoyances. Just add a bit of the cut herb to any tea combination. In a tincture, it would even be more effective. The powder can also be encapsulated, if you prefer. Continue usage even after you see improvements to make them more permanent.

Kelp would be our second choice as a nutritional powerhouse that can make a noticeable difference. Consuming both would be the best way to tackle it.