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Arthrospira platensis  |  Origin: China
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Spirulina, a type of blue-green algae, is a naturally-occurring, rich vegetable protein. It can range in color from bright green to dark green or black.

This treasured plant from the sea is a highly concentrated source of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It has 26 times the calcium of milk, 35 times the protein of meat, and is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. It is often used by sport and fitness enthusiasts.

Common Name: Spirulina

Spirulina is an all natural food source that is made up of a highly nutritious micro fresh water plant that is more than 60% proteins and amino acids. (4 times higher than that of fish or beef). Spirulina is also packed with a multitude of bio available vitamins including 4 times more B 12 than most animal liver. Because it grows in a naturally alkaline environment, it is also comprised of a wide range of essential minerals such as Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Calcium etc. Spirulina is also an abundant source of Beta- carotene (40 time more than spinach), and gamma-Linolein acid. Further, it contains one of the strongest natural occurring anti-oxidants know, called Phycocyanin which can only be found in Spirulina.

    • Is a strong Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
    • Is a naturally occurring rich vegetable protein.
    • Protects the cells, organs, and body tissues from oxidative stress.
    • Stimulates the vitality of cells, in particular red corpuscles to insure proper oxygenation of muscle cells.
    • Is rich in proteins (18 amino acids), vitamins (E, B1, B2, B3, B12, and ET P), essential fatty acids, minerals, polysaccharides, and trace elements.
    • Supports the immune system and joint health.
    • Protects and detoxifies the liver-kidney system.
    • Supports a healthy inflammatory response and neurological health.

Excerpts from The How To Herb Book
Micro-algae, which is highly nutritious and an excellent source of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals and amino acids. It has 26 times the calcium of milk, contains phosphorus, B12, RNA and DNA, and easily digested. It is a safe food with no side effects. It would be good for survival purposes as it is easy to store. Has sometimes been called Manna of the future. Aids weight loss and physical imbalances.

Excerpt from Nutritional Herbology
Today, spirulina powder is consumed as a health food and nutritional supplement. It is a highly concentrated source of protein, vitamins and minerals but its price is commensurately high. It contains high quantities of bioavailable iron and all minerals generally. The drawback of Spirulina Powder supplements is that you have to consume 10 or more grams daily to get a reasonable amount of nutrients. Ten grams is only two teaspoonfuls, which makes Spirulina Powder a very concentrated food source.

Excerpts from Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver
Spirulina Powder is an exceptionally potent nutrient substance that has shown strong activity in many areas. It is the source of one of the most easily digestible forms of protein; it is 85 percent protein, compared with 20 percent in beef. It contains all the essential amino acids and most of the nonessential ones. In addition, it is extremely high in vitamins and minerals.

Spirulina Powder has been found to be hepatoprotective and antihepatotoxic in several vivo studies, protecting the liver against CCl4 induced hepatoxicity.

Preparation and Dosage: 1-2 tsp. (5-10ml) powdered Spirulina per day, more for chronic or acute disease. Suggested minimum dosage for hepatitis is 4 tsp (20ml) per day. Consume as much as desire; it may be used as the primary protein source in the diet.

Contraindications and Side Effects: None noted.

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by Rebekah Joy Anast
February 2006

When I was growing up, my mom would often bring to my attention a few ladies that she knew who had bodies damaged by polio or severely handicapping accidents. These women were exceptional because they did not succumb to their physical handicaps. Instead, they were continually looking for diet, health, and exercise to help them be as strong as possible.

Being a "Super Mom" really starts in your spirit, and your attitude. "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7). These super moms found their own secrets to conquering Motherhood. I would like to tell you about something that has proven very beneficial to me. It's called Spirulina.

Spirulina is a natural food source that has 58 times the iron of raw spinach and 28 times that of raw beef liver. This food was a significant part of the Aztec and Mayan diets. It contains more beta-carotene than any other whole food, and is very high in chlorophyll. It is 65% proteins and amino acids. This amazing food is the richest source of natural antioxidants of any whole food, containing every natural known antioxidant. NASA plans to grow this food on the space station, as it is one of the most efficient, oxygen generating foods in existence. It contains all the B vitamins, and is an extraordinary "transport" of other vitamins, allowing your body to actually benefit from all the other foods and vitamins you take.

It is a blue-green algae that produces all its nutrients by harvesting sunlight. Since Spirulina has become so popular the world over, it is now cultivated in carefully controlled organic ponds, eliminating any possible toxicity. Spirulina.com is a great website with simple yet complete information on each step of the process of growing, harvesting, drying, and preserving the algae. It would be a good homeschool project just going through the site.

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