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Tincture Mix Kit

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Discover the incredible simplicity and health benefits of tincture making with four nutrient-rich mixes. Includes empty tincture bottles to easily take your finished tinctures.

This Tincture Mix Kit includes our most popular mixes that can be used to make glycerine or alcoholic tinctures. Also includes 4 Amber Tincture Bottles!

If purchased separately these blends and accessories would cost $89.60. By purchasing this kit you will save $23.65!

The kit includes includes 1/2 pound bag of each: Cough Tea Mix, Double-E Immune Booster Mix, Snooze Tincture Mix, & ImLife Tincture Mix. Also includes 4 (four) Amber Tincture Bottles.

Tinctures are concentrated, liquid forms of herbal medicine that are simple to make and easy to assimilate. They are so concentrated that sometimes we take our doses in tea or water. They are usually made with consumable alcohol, but can also be made with vinegar, vegetable glycerine, honey, etc.

How To Make A Tincture

Alcohol tinctures (also known as extracts) are the most popular because alcohol is the most effective at drawing out the important properties of the herbs. Tinctures made with it have a long shelf life (2 years or longer). Almost all store bought tinctures use alcohol as a base or include some amount of alcohol as a preservative. Vodka is what we use because it doesn't have a strong odor and is very affordable (rum will also do).  

Make your tincture by filling a jar 1/3 - 1/2 full of herbs. Use 1/3 for hard herbs and roots (as they will absorb more liquid) and 1/2 for soft or fluffy herbs. Fill the jar to the top with alcohol (80-90 proof Vodka is best), close it, and store for 3-8 weeks in a cool, dry place. Shake the jar daily. After 3-8 weeks, strain and discard the herbs, bottle the liquid and label it.  

Expecting mothers or children can easily evaporate the alcohol by placing their dose in a hot liquid like tea or water before taking it.

Tinctures can also be made by using vinegar in place of the alcohol, following the same directions. Vinegar does not draw out an herb's properties as well as alcohol. However, it is very inexpensive, can be used as a gargle, and can be used to fight fungal infections. You may want to rinse after each dose to avoid enamel damage from the vinegar.

Tinctures are best stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun.  A cabinet works great!

Cough Tea Mix includes red clover, one of history's most popular herbs. Due to its high nutritional content, red clover is the base for many tinctures. It has also been widely used for its antispasmodic and expectorant properties. It helps to relieve the lungs of congestion and can soothe a sore throat. It is in many remedies for whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma, and numerous other cough-related issues. Red clover is used in tinctures, capsules and infusions.

Double-E Immune Booster Mix contains a powerhouse of sickness-fighting herbs: nettle, peppermint, echinacea root, echinacea tops, elderberries, ginseng, and rosehips. The tincture made from this recipe is dark, smells strongly of the herbs and is effective for both adults and children. This is one that many families in our community use regularly!

Snooze Tincture Mix is a combination of herbs that are both good for you and calming. This tincture soothes babies’ tummies when they have colic and it has a calming effect on children. As mentioned in the Emotional Remedies section of The ABC Herbal book, the combination of nervine herbs such as these can work miracles after an emotional upset or stressful experience. Adults and children can quickly regain their calm and feel noticeably better only minutes after taking this tincture.

ImLife Tincture Mix has all the health benefits of red clover, as well as olive leaf (herbal antibiotic and immune booster); pau d'arco and cat's claw bark (fungus fighter and yeast killer); dandelion, burdock and butcher's broom roots (blood purifiers); echinacea purpurea root (immune booster, infection fighter); and nettle leaf (highly nutritious, blood builder).

From Our Reading and/or Experience:
The following books and articles have been our best references for making our own tinctures over the years:

- Herbal Antibiotics for making alcohol and glycerin tinctures
- The ABC Herbal for making glycerin tinctures
- Make an alcoholic tincture
- Make a glycerin tincture

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