Valerian Root Powder, 1/2 lb.

Valeriana officinalis  |  Origin: United States
93% of 100
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Valerian Root is commonly taken as a capsule or tea before bed. It is best mixed with more pleasant-tasting herbs when brewed as a tea, because of its strong odor, comparable to the smell of "sweaty socks".

This soothing root boasts strong relaxing properties that may help ease tension, calm the nerves, relax smooth muscles, relieve anxiety, slow the heart rate and support a good night’s sleep. Because it can slow the heart rate, use extreme caution and seek professional dosage information when taking this herb.

Common Names: Valerian, setwell, capon’s tail

Excerpts from The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook
Above ground, this plant is attractive physically and aromatically, with fern-like leaves and fragrant pinkish or white flowers. But below the surface, where the medicine lies, are roots with an earthy, disagreeable smell and taste. The Greeks, beginning with Hippocrates, used valerian roots to help them fall asleep, an application that still holds up under scientific scrutiny.

Excerpts from The How to Herb Book
Valerian root powder is a powerful, effective antispasmodic. It quiets, calms, and has a healing effect on the nervous system. Valerian root is a marvelous weapon against stress and nerves.

  • Promotes sleep if taken at night. Has no narcotic effect.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Good to normalize heart palpitations, slows action of heart while strengthening it. Good for circulatory system.
  • Stimulates secretion and peristaltic action of stomach and intestines.
  • Anti-flatulent (gas) for adults and infants.
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